The Weekend Away Ending Explained: Who Killed Kate?

Do you want The Weekend Away Ending Explained? Following the trend of “The Weekend Away,” fans have recently shown a strong desire to learn more about what transpired in the last installment of the series. As a result, we’ve penned this essay to explain The Weekend Away’s conclusion. The Netflix murder mystery thriller ‘The Weekend Away’ follows best friends Beth and Kate as they spend a weekend in Croatia. The two of them spend the night at a disco bar, where they are approached by two males, thanks to Kate’s perseverance.

After a beautiful night, Beth wakes up to find Kate has left. Beth discovers a series of disturbing revelations while searching for her buddy, which changes the dynamics of her personal life. Kim Farrant’s mystery thriller provides a surprise conclusion to its engrossing story. If you’re interested, we’d be happy to discuss our thoughts on the film’s conclusion.

The Weekend Away Plot Synopsis

Friendship at its finest Beth and Kate meet as they begin their weekend vacation in Croatia. Kate inquires about Beth’s problematic marriage with Rob after learning that Beth’s sex life hasn’t been active in a year. At Kate’s request, Beth and Kate visit a disco bar, where they meet two attractive men and invite them to their apartment. The next morning, Beth wakes up with a hazy memory of the previous night and learns Kate has left. She enlists the help of Zain, a Syrian taxi driver, to locate Kate.

The Weekend Away Ending Explained
The Weekend Away

Beth and Zain find Mateo and Luka, the two escorts who accompanied Beth and Kate and suspect them of being involved in Kate’s disappearance. However, one of them admits that they are not. Beth goes to the police station to file a missing person report. Rob, on the other hand, is on his way to Croatia to assist Beth. They quickly discover Kate is no longer living. The crime has been confirmed as a homicide by the police. Beth reads Kate and Rob’s texts on Kate’s phone. Kate discovers that Rob had an affair with her. Sebastian informs the cops about the affair, and Beth is jailed on suspicion of Kate’s assassination.

Due to a lack of evidence, Beth is released from police custody. Sebastian has planted a hidden camera in each room, which she discovers when she returns to her room. She walks into his computer room and watches the tapes from Kate’s disappearance. Beth recognizes Mateo and Luka as robbers, but she also notices Kate’s rented taxi car for the night. She approaches Zain to talk with the cab driver, who informs them that Kate has been dumped at the police station. Now we will see The Weekend Away Ending Explained.

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The Weekend Away Ending Explained: Who Killed Kate? Why?

Do you want The Weekend Away Ending Explained? When Beth notices that Kate’s report was not lodged at the police station, like her initial missing person complaint, she assumes Pavic is the killer. Beth confirms her suspicions when she notices the registration plate on Pavic’s car, which matches the one she saw in Sebastian’s film. While Kovac and Pavic try to catch Beth and Zain, Zain convinces Kovac that Pavic is involved in the murder, and Pavic trips over a stone and dies before Kovac can intervene. Pavic’s previous misdeeds with women, as well as CCTV footage showing a man beating Kate and forcing her to fall into the river and drown, led Kovac to believe Pavic was the murderer.

Beth, on the other hand, returns to London and begins a new life without Rob. As she leaves Aster with her father, Beth sees a bead from the necklace she gave to Kate in Rob’s jacket pocket. Rob, not Pavic, is the aggressor, she realizes. Beth’s travel to Croatia to spend time with Kate has Rob worried. He’s worried because he’s worried Kate will inform Beth about her affair. When Kate returns from the police station after rejecting Pavic’s advances, she runs into Rob. He constantly asks if she’s told Beth about their relationship. Rob begs her not to jeopardize her friend’s life by disclosing anything about them until he is certain she hasn’t.

Rob becomes outraged when Kate tells him she is going, being honest from now on, and the two fight. Rob hits Kate, causing her to trip and fall to the stones, smacking her head. Kate drowns after falling into the water and drowning. Despite the fact that Rob had no intention of killing Kate, his actions resulted in her death. Rob walks away from the beach, convinced Kate is dead. Kate, on the other hand, was still alive when she drowned in the river. Rob is unable to save Kate since he believes she drowned as a result of a headbang.


Did Kate have feelings for Rob?

Kate was uninterested in Rob. Rob begins to confess when he realizes Beth is aware of his role in Kate’s death. He realizes he can’t tell the truth because he’s trying to rebuild his relationship with Beth. As a result, he fabricates a story alleging that Kate forced him to leave Beth, causing a rift between them when he made it clear to Kate that he could not forsake his wife. Rob, on the other hand, wanted to divorce Beth and live with Kate. On the night of her death, Kate makes it clear to Rob that whatever happened between them was a rebound fling and the worst mistake of her life.

Kate’s assurance that he means nothing to her makes Rob sad. He’s frightened of losing both Kate and Beth, so he tells her not to tell Beth anything so that he may keep his marriage together even if she doesn’t want him. Rob tries to deceive Beth by pretending that Kate desired him and that he refused her for Beth’s sake, rather than telling the truth. Despite Rob’s best efforts, Beth realizes she can no longer trust him and walks away from him as the cops approach to take him into custody.

Do Beth and Zain End Up Together?

We have had The Weekend Away Ending Explained. When Kate goes missing, Zain jumps in to assist Beth, who is in a dangerous situation. He agrees to help her in her search for the truth regarding Kate’s disappearance. When Beth finds that Kate died and that her husband had an affair with her best friend, she is devastated. Even at that point, Zain is there to help her. To assist Beth in finding Kate’s killer, he risks his own life and livelihood. Zain tells her to listen to her heart and instincts above all else. When the authorities close Kate’s case, Beth leaves Croatia but not Zain’s life.

The Weekend Away Ending Explained
The Weekend Away

Soon after leaving Aster with Rob, Beth receives a text from Zain reminding her that he will see her soon, hinting that they are giving each other a chance. Zain’s text brightens Beth’s face, just as his presence and companionship brighten her life. As she ends her relationship with Rob, Beth finds herself at a fork in the road, and she may have picked the path that leads to Zain. His empathy and dependability might be able to help her get over the painful end of her relationship with Rob. Their compatibility may lead them to establish an exceptional connection together as Beth enters a new phase of her life.

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