The Ultimatum Season 1 Couples: Where Are The Couples Now? Who Are Still Together?

Want to know about The Ultimatum Season 1 Couples status? Where Are The Couples Now? Who is still in a relationship? Well, this is the question that is causing people’s minds to whirl these days. So, don’t worry; we’ll answer all of your queries. So, ‘The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On,’ from the producers of ‘Love Is Blind,’ is a reality dating popular series that can only be described as chaotic and exciting. We will see The Ultimatum Season 1 Cast status now. After all, it’s about couples on the verge of committing for the rest of their lives because one half is ready to commit, but the other isn’t so sure, ending in an ultimatum. As a result, the Netflix series enables them to consider their alternatives before making a final decision – therefore, if you’re curious about where is The Ultimatum Season 1 Cast now, here’s what we know.

Alexis and Hunter – Together

Alexis Maloney gave Hunter Parr the ultimatum after almost two years of dating, knowing that she wanted a ring on her finger but that her partner preferred to just live together initially. After a week of getting to know new individuals, he claimed that the experiment had taught him who truly counts and that it is only his long-term relationship. We’re happy to announce that he got down on one knee right then and then, which is why the couple plans to walk down the aisle on June 18, 2022. It’s also worth noting that the shop’s founder has since relocated to Los Angeles; however, it’s unclear whether her PSA specialist fiancé has followed her.


Nate and Lauren – Together

Nathan Ruggles and Lauren Pounds, like Alexis and Hunter, got engaged during the rematching stage, but it’s widely assumed that it was out of fear and for all the wrong reasons. That’s not only because they hadn’t resolved their child-rearing conflict – he desired a family while she claimed she didn’t – but also because he proposed shortly after Colby had chosen her. Having said that, the office manager and Derive Development’s Co-Founder and COO/Business Urbanist’s Development Vice President are still going strong, with plans to marry later this year. Furthermore, they have resolved to have only one child in the future.


Rae and Zay – Separated

Rae Williams claimed she wanted to start building the life she’d planned with Zay Wilson after 212 years of dating, but he believed neither of them was ready. As a result, they deeply immersed themselves in the concept of ‘The Ultimatum’ and began bonding with Jake Cunningham and Shanique Imari, respectively, as soon as they entered the theatre. These bonds had a greater impact on their relationship than they had anticipated, resulting in them parting ways after a disagreement near the conclusion. The model and the graduate of an Austin-based HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) tried to reconcile afterward, but it didn’t work out.


April and Jake – Separated

April Marie was the one who handed her partner of over two years, Jake Cunningham, an ultimatum by pulling him into the Netflix original, but it backfired when he quickly struck a spark with Rae. In reality, he chose to quit the series with the latter after making a proposition for them to travel together, but they never followed through due to concerns about being disrespectful to their original partners in the circumstance. As a result, they appear to have faded away, and the former Marine Corps officer/public figure is now single. April, on the other hand, appears to be in a committed relationship with broker/entrepreneur Cody B. Cooper at the moment.


Shanique and Randall – Together

Shanique Imari and Randall Griffin have had their fair share of ups and downs in both their personal lives and on the reality show, particularly with their trial marriages to Zay Wilson and Madlyn Ballatori. Nonetheless, things took a dramatic change when he chose to follow his emotions rather than his brains and proposed during the finale, making them both happy. They did break up for approximately six months after filming ended owing to their ongoing troubles, but it appears that they have now gotten back together (though not engaged) and are simply looking forward to what the future holds for their relationship right now.


Madlyn and Colby – Together

Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger were clearly the most tumultuous couple in season 1 with their continual back and forth. Despite their previous disagreements over his “outsourcing” a relationship in order to make the entire process “genuine for her,” she answered yes when he proposed on an ultimatum day. As if that wasn’t enough, because the entrepreneur/sales and marketing professional knew exactly what he wanted, he then suggested that they tie the knot right then and there, which the IT project manager enthusiastically agreed to. As a result, the pair is not only happily married in Austin, Texas, but they’re also expecting their first child together.


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