The Betrayal Episode 5: Release Date, Preview & Where to Watch

This post will explain where, when, and how you may watch The Betrayal episode 5 when it debuts this week. Don’t worry if you missed the prior episode if you couldn’t catch up. All spoilers from the quick recap are included below for your convenience.

The Betrayal is a current Thai drama that was initially translated from “Doctor Foster,” one of the most well-known British TV shows of 2015. The “The World of Married” series’ Korean adaptation, which debuted on March 27, 2020, was a tremendous success.

The first episode of the drama’s Thai adaptation, titled “The Betrayal,” was made available on August 23, 2023. The protagonist of the novel is Jane, a renowned psychiatrist who is also a devoted wife and mother.


Prior to discovering her husband, Athin, having an extramarital affair with a college student, her life was wonderful. Jane loses consciousness while revealing her husband’s true face, which causes her to turn psychic and destroy her own family.

The Betrayal Episode 4: Recap (Spoilers)

Beginning The Betrayal Episode 4, Jane makes the decision to divorce Athin. She still kept Athin’s mistress a secret, though. Jane goes to a lawyer by herself to discuss the divorce. She argues that since she is the only one who paid for her possessions with her money, she is entitled to them all now that they are in her ex-husband’s name following their divorce.

However, the attorney advises him to compile as much evidence as he can, including photos, videos, and other solid documentation. The choice of who will parent the children will also depend entirely on their wishes.


There is no way for any of the parents to get involved. Next, she meets Tul who was drinking at her bar by chance. Both have lengthy conversations. But someone took a picture of them and shared it online, purportedly as a dating advertisement.

Tul assures Jane that this is normal because he is well-known and adept at handling the circumstance. The post is removed, and everything is put in order. Athin becomes aware of Jane’s meeting with another man at home, though. Their children are irritated by the accord that begins between them.

As part of her strategy to win the divorce case, Jane’s attorney is now using Toey to follow Athin. She arranges for Toey to live in an apartment close to Kate’s so she can observe Athin’s visits and take pictures of the two of them.


Jane is accountable for the financial situation. She goes to the bank manager to inquire about her husband’s account, but she is unable to do so because it is a private affair.

Last but not least, Chat was the only person who entered the room to assist her with her husband’s finances. She schedules a meeting with him to finalize the arrangement. Chat, however, demands a nightstand in exchange for divulging the information.

Jane receives a hotel room key from Chat. She enters a hotel room, but not before taking images of Chat and demanding access to his accounts under fear of disclosing his lewd behavior to his wife.

The following day, Chat mails all of her husband’s and his hotel’s financial records out of fear of losing his dignity. Jane is surprised to learn that Athin’s hotel has been losing money for so long and is in danger of going out of business.


His hotel can only become well-known with a significant investment. Additionally, Athin was secretly utilizing Jane’s money directly in front of her without her knowledge. Jane becomes increasingly more incensed over everything, and her desire to obtain a vindictive divorce grows stronger.

The Betrayal Episode 5: Release Date and Time

Every Wednesday and Thursday at 8.30 PM Thailand Time, Channel 3 airs new episodes of The Betrayal. The fifth episode of The Betrayal will air on September 6, 2023, at 8:30 PM Thailand Time. Follow the list below to find out the release time for your location, international fans:

  • India: At 7:00 PM, Indian Standard Time, Wednesday, 06 September 2023
  • Japan: At 10:30 PM, Japan Standard Time, Wednesday, 06 September 2023
  • China: At 9:30 PM, China Standard Time, Wednesday, 06 September 2023
  • Thailand: At 8:30 PM, Thailand Time, Wednesday, 06 September 2023
  • USA: At 9:30 AM, Eastern Standard Time, Wednesday, 06 September, 2023
  • Europe: At 3:30 PM, Greenwich Standard Time, Wednesday, 06 September 2023
  • Canada: At 9:30 AM, Eastern Standard Time, Wednesday, 06 September 2023
  • Australia: At 11:30 PM, Australian Standard Time, Wednesday, 06 September 2023
  • Britain: At 2:30 PM, British Standard Time, Wednesday, 06 September 2023
  • Indonesia: At 8:30 PM, Indonesian Standard Time, Wednesday, 06 September 2023
  • Philippines: At 9:30 PM, Philippine Standard Time, Wednesday, 06 September 2023
  • Malaysia: At 9:30 PM, Malaysia Standard Time, Wednesday, 06 September 2023
  • Germany: At 3:30 PM, Germany Standard Time, Wednesday, 06 September 2023

The Betrayal Episode 5: Streaming Guide 

Channel 3, a local television network in Thailand, broadcasts the new episodes of The Betrayal. However, only locals may access it. The show is available on Viu with English subtitles for those abroad.


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