Survivor Series War Games: Official Rules For WWE’s Upcoming First-Ever Show

Survivor Series War Games 2022: WWE will host its first Survivor Series War Games pay-per-view in less than a day. The theme will be brought to WWE’s main roster for the first time in history. Dusty Rhodes established the idea in the NWA in 1987, but it wasn’t until 2017 that it was formally presented by WWE. Triple H developed the idea while serving as the leader of NXT.

However, this is the right place to look for those who are unsure of what the recently introduced PPV is.

Here are the official rules for WWE’s upcoming Survivor Series War Games show

WWE’s Survivor Series War Games has a completely different atmosphere and setting from past pay-per-views. There will be two rings inside a steel cage as opposed to one. Additionally, the rules are different from those of a typical steel cage match.


There will be two teams, each with five players, and each team will have its own cage. The match will begin with one representative from each side, with the other representatives inside the cage away from the combatants.

The match will resume when a member of the Advantage team enters the cage, which will happen after five minutes. This time, WWE held a tag team bout instead of the customary coin toss to determine which team receives the edge.

Three minutes later, a different opponent will enter the cage to balance the odds. Until all ten superstars are in the ring, this will continue.


The actual match is what makes the Survivor Series War Games the most fascinating.

WWE has revealed two official matches this year that will include the War Games Theme. It is said that team Bianca will compete against team Bayley in the first section. Additionally, Roman Reigns and his entire Bloodline will compete against The Brawling Brutes, Drew McIntyre, and Kevin Owens in the main event.

Team Sheamus recently pinned The Usos to get the numbers advantage this Saturday

The Bloodline has dominated every opponent since its founding thanks to their sheer numbers. The fact that they always enter the ring as a pack is one of the main factors contributing to their success. That won’t be the case at the Survivor Series War Games, though.


Sheamus and Drew McIntyre competed against The Usos on a recent Smackdown Live episode to determine which team would win. The Bloodline lost the match as a result of Kevin Owens’ distraction.

But The Bloodline won’t have it easy given that team Sheamus has the early advantage over the numbers. But even when they were at a dead end, The Tribal Chief always found a solution. This Saturday, see if he wins for team Sheamus or if he repeats the feat.


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