Slow Horses Episode 1 and 2 Recap and Ending Explained!!

Fans of the series Slow Horses have recently indicated a great desire to understand more about what happened in the series, following the trend set by the series. As a result, we’ve written this page to explain Slow Horses’ ending.  Well,  ‘Slow Horses,’ takes a look at the less glamorous side of espionage, following the British MI5’s backup team, which is based in the sprawling old Slough House branch. Agent River Cartwright is assigned to the cynical and cruel Slough House director, Jackson Lamb (Gary Oldman), who assigns him the most menial of chores, fresh off a horrifically botched training exercise.

A horrific kidnapping and the threat of a gruesome execution, on the other hand, motivate the Slough House team to act, even as Lamb tries to keep his underlings in line and urge them to go about their business as usual. A captivating viewing experience is provided by the combination of caustic British wit and incompetent espionage, all set against the backdrop of a truly awful narrative. Let’s take a closer look at ‘Slow Horses’ episodes 1 and 2 to have a clearer idea of what’s going on.

Slow Horses Episodes 1 and 2 Recap:

River Cartwright is exiled to Slough House after failing an intricate training exercise in episode one, allegedly due to an error by a colleague who is later promoted to MI5 headquarters. Jackson Lamb makes no attempt to hide his dislike for the young agent, arguing that the only reason he works for MI5 is due to his grandfather, David Cartwright, who was a successful spy in his own time. As a result, River finds himself on the trail of Robert Hobden, a disgraced right-wing journalist, and is compelled to rummage through his garbage as part of his inquiry.


River’s employee, Sid Baker, is adored by the Slough Houser boss for her more diplomatic approach to spying, although she is often assigned uninteresting duties. It’s also unclear why such a talented agent as Sid was dispatched to Slough House in the first place. She is successful in extracting data from Robert Hobden’s USB stick, only to learn that the journalist is smarter than he lets on and has put in place some serious security measures (and decoys, such as the USB stick).

Slow Horses Episode 1 and 2 Recap
Slow Horses Episode 1 and 2 Recap

Meanwhile, a young stand-up comedian named Hassan Ahmed is kidnapped after performing at a small bar, and a video of him being saved captive by the Sons of Albion goes viral. River sets off on his own to discover what’s going on as MI5 urgently tries to contact Hassan.

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Slow Horses Episode 2 Ending: Is Sid Baker Dead or Alive?

In the meantime, Hassan’s kidnappers are discovered to be a right-wing hate group. Their commander claims to have served in the Afghan war and is anti-immigrant. In between news coverage of Hassan’s hostage video, which rapidly received over a million views, we are introduced to Peter Judd, a right-wing politician. To top it off, Hassan’s kidnappers have threatened to behead him in front of a live audience the next morning in order to demonstrate their “nationalistic spirit.”

Due to his previous ties, River and Sid continue to keep a closer eye on Robert Hobden, suspecting he may know something about the kidnapping. Sid finally admits that she is at Slough House because she has been assigned the task of keeping an eye on River while sitting in a car outside the journalist’s home, stunning the latter. Hobden is attacked by a masked intruder who bursts into his home. Sid is shot during the ensuing brawl between the agents.

The second episode concludes on a serious note, not only because River learns that Sid has been stationed at the old Slough House to keep an eye on him but also because of the violent escalation that leaves the latter severely injured. River suggests that she has been shot in the head while immediately asking for medical assistance, putting Slough House’s most efficient agent (who also happens to be Jackson Lamb’s favourite) in a bad situation.


Unfortunately, Sid appears to have passed away. This would also add to the show’s plot’s interest, given she recently revealed a potentially explosive piece of information to River. Our bewildered protagonist now understands that the MI5 is actively monitoring him as one of their own as a result of Sid’s absence. River must figure out why she was ordered to keep a watch on Hassan now that Sid is presumably dead, in addition to attempting to investigate Hassan’s kidnapping and Hobden’s role in it. The mystery becomes much more enthralling.

Slow Horses Episode 1 and 2 Recap
Slow Horses Episode 1 and 2 Recap

Does Hassan Ahmed Escape, Or Is He Killed?

The last time we saw Hassan, he appeared to have figured out a method to escape away from his brutal kidnappers. Hassan is attempting to flee because he is aware that he will be executed the next day. His kidnappers, with the possible exception of the former military man, don’t appear to have much experience holding a captive. As a result, Hassan appears to be on the verge of fleeing.

Hassan may be unable to run, but River (or another spy) may be able to locate him down before his execution, maybe using information from Hobden. Given the show’s lighthearted tone, it’s unlikely that an execution will take place on live television anytime soon. As a result, Hassan’s death is unlikely.


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