Samsung Galaxy S10 will launch in 3 variants

Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 should be one of the most important releases ever for the company. However, details about the Galaxy S10 already appeared before the launch of the Galaxy S9. Earlier, there was a speculation about iPhone that the Apple is preparing three handsets for this year’s release. But, not sure about the news if it is rumored or true. The rumor image has unveiled the information that the 3 iPhone models will have 6.5″ OLED, 5.8″ OLED and 6.1″ TFT LCD display. Therefore, this time the Samsung also prospects its impact in the market by launching three models of future Galaxy S10.

Samsung will launch three variants of the Galaxy S10 in 2019:

  • Model ‘Beyond 0’ with a 5.8 “screen and only a rear camera.
  • Model ‘Beyond 1’ with a 5.8 “screen and two rear cameras.
  • Model ‘Beyond 3’ with a 6.1 “screen and three rear cameras.

The 6.1 “handset with the code name ‘Beyond 2’ will demonstrate everything Samsung is capable of at the technological level! Assuring users and investors that the company is not getting behind the competition.


‘Beyond 1’, ‘Beyond 1’ and ‘Beyond 2’ will also serve to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Galaxy S line! With the company ready to implement a powerful 3-camera system, as well as a fingerprint sensor directly on the screen. However, Samsung is a bit hesitant in implementing new technologies … Much due to the fiasco of Note 7. Therefore, ‘Beyond 2’ should be the only device with all the new specifications in the same package. There is also a rumor which points the launch of the 3 devices in January 2019. Another rumor is about the fingerprint reader on the screen which is first developed by Vivo. And this time the Korean company has confirmed its decision about the in-display fingerprint. Also, if Samsung has to prove its caliber it should present the smartphone with in-display fingerprint . 

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