Samsung Galaxy S10 Launched with Infinity-O Display

Today on 21st February 2019, Samsung introduced the next generation smartphone i. Samsung S10. Ten Year Ago Samsung unveiled the First Galaxy S Device and it kicked off an evolution of revolution that has redefined the mobile experience for an entire generation of users and in the decade.

Samsung S10 is no different it’s a Triumph of Samsung Innovation a phone design not just a standout .

Samsung S10 Display –Now the S10 screen covers the full front of the phone from the top to the bottom and from side to side. A still there the sensors and the front camera have been seamlessly integrated right into the dispaly itself to do this Samsung developed a groundbreaking engineering process and created a proprietary cutter.


Samsung needed to be able to curve a tiny hole in the display with absolute precision even the slightest mistake would damage the surrounding pixels and make the display unusable with this cutting-edge technology were able to defy the traditional barriers of the display.

Samsung packed an array of sensors and camera technology right into the screen itself these essential features are floating in a sea of individually placed pixels. The result of a revolutionary new display that maximizes user viewing experience and minimizes distractions.

Today Samsung introduced the world’s first infinity o-display on AMOLED. This is truly next generation cinematic experience and with the world’s first dynamic AMOLED display the S10 delivers peak brightness upto 1200 minutes.


16 Million colors at a hundred percent column value what that means for the user. Samsung made the most color accurate display ever on mobile devices and that’s not all this display also supports HD are ten plus and that means user can enjoy thier favorite content from amazon prime video including the new original series in stunning state-of-the-art detail just like it was intended to be seen.

The Estelle uses Dynamic tone mapping which optimizes the brightness level so that even the smallest details look beautiful right down to the wisps of the clouds and sky.

Samsung S10 has a bright brilliant screen that is to of Rhineland certified to reduce harmful blue light of missions by 42% and that’s all without applying a filter. The User can even adjust the color temperature without making any compromises and picture quality.


Samsung S10 has the world’s first ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. It’s really a marvel of engineering to use it simply press your finger against the screen where it naturally rests the scanner that emits ultrasonic waves that map the unique pattern of your fingerprint that wave data is then sent back to the scanner and analyzed by the phon’s main chip set to determize whether its a match. All of this happens in the blink of an eye and even works in the most challenging condition.

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