Samsung Galaxy A9 Review: World’s First Smartphone with 4 Cameras!

Samsung Galaxy A9 Review – Dual Cameras and Triple Cameras are cool but quad cameras in Smartphone That is a reality now. Samsung has unleashed a new Galaxy A9 with the total of 5 Cameras. Four on the back and lonely one on the front. Well, take a quick look at the new Galaxy A9.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Review

So here is a New Galaxy A9 world’s First smartphone having quad camera setup on the back. The Four Camera you can see are vertically stacked with LED Flash window. I am pretty sure this will get a lot of attention. what do these four Cameras on Samsung Galaxy A9 Offer?


Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) Hands-on review

Well Let me talk Galaxy A9 Specs First, The Main Camera here of 24 MP f/1.7 Camera Sensor which is said to take sharp daytime photos and bright low light Photos. Then There is a 10MP f/2.4 Telephoto Lens which brings 2x optical zoom to Galaxy A9. There is also an 8 MP f/2.4 wide-angle lens that brings a 120-degree field of view so you can go wide area in your shots. The Quad camera setup is complete by 5MP f/2.2 Depth Sensor for great portrait mode shots.

samsung galaxy a9 camera review

It is basically the Samsung Galaxy A7’s triple Camera Setup with Telephoto lens. Thus Using all of these different camera lenses in the Samsung Galaxy A9 is pretty easy. You can toggle in the Camera and you can quickly switch between Main camera and wide angle or get the 2x optical zoom and there is live focus mode that uses the depth camera for Portrait mode shots.


The Galaxy A9 Shoots the video in 4K with 30fps but there is IES here that clicks only in 1080p. On the Front is the lonely 24 MP selfie Camera that seems pretty capable as well. So highlights of the Samsung Galaxy A9 is obviously the camera unlike most end smartphones there are a ton camera features here.


Anyway moving on cameras to another standout in the Galaxy A9 – The Design.

Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) Design – The Galaxy A9 is a beautiful smartphone with glass back and metal frame and I like the color especially the blue and pink variant which looks gorgeous. I mean the galaxy a9 might not be a flagship but it definitely got the looks for it.

The Front looks too pretty good with 6.3 super AMOLED display that looks stunning as with more super AMOLED display in high-end Samsung phones the galaxy A9 display is just beautiful even it is not good as Galaxy S9 or Not9. Unlike the A7 you get the usual fingerprint scanner on the back. there is no fingerprint scanner in the power button so that’s insane.


So Samsung Galaxy A9 is a premium looking smartphone with all the basics in the tag but you look under the hood Galaxy A9 is a midranger.



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