Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3 Release Date Announced, Watch New Trailer

Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3 Release Date Announced, which will be released on Crunchyroll in the Second week of October 2023. With a confirmed telecast date and a promising sequel, Naofumi’s upcoming journey solidifies this fall as the ideal time to see this anime.

A new trailer for Season 3 of The Rising of the Shield Hero was unveiled on 27 August 2023. This October sees the debut of the anime. Citrus Kinema is animating. The opening theme, “SIN,” is being performed by MADKID and can be heard in the trailer. Chiai Fujikawa is in charge of the closing theme, “Suki ni Natte wa Ikenai Riyu.”

The video builds on earlier teaser clips for the new tale and include cameos from a few new pals and foes Naofumi will encounter. Season 3 should be a significant improvement over Season 2 despite the fact that the verdict is still out.


The third season is being directed by Hitoshi Haga, with Keigo Koyonagi handling the series composition (Kinema Citrus is also given credit). The soundtrack is being composed by Kevin Penkin. This year’s Anime Expo featured an early screening of The Rising of the Shield Hero 3 and the debut of a fresh key image:

Shield Hero was previously expected to debut in the Fall 2023 anime season, according to earlier press releases, but the new trailer’s visual confirmation demonstrates that Kinema Citrus appears on pace to deliver on its October release date pledge for Rising of the Shield Hero season 3.


The Rising of the Shield Hero anime adaptation’s second season debuted in April of last year instead of its initial October 2021 debut date. The second season was directed by Masato Jinbo, with Keigo Koyanagi handling the series composition. Character creation is attributed to Masahiro Suwa. Once more, Kevin Penkin will write the music. DR Movie from Korea and Kinema Citrus contributed to the animation. The first season was animated by Kinema Citrus and debuted in 2019. Aneko Yusagi’s and Minami Seira’s series of light novels serve as the inspiration for the anime.

Iwatani Naofumi, a typical otaku, discovers a book at the library that transports him to another planet. Crunchyroll is presently streaming the anime (both in sub and dub versions). As one of the Four Cardinal Heroes, he is responsible with uniting the sword, spear, and bow and battling the Waves of Catastrophe as the Shield Hero. Naofumi and his group set out on their journey, eager for the promise of a great adventure. But only a few days later is he deceived, losing all of his money, respect, and dignity. He hires Raphtalia, a slave, and confronts the Waves and the rest of the world after losing all faith in people. Will he actually be able to change this hopeless circumstance, though?


When Rising of the Shield Hero season 3 debuts in October 2023, keep an eye out for it!

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