Kerala Rain Live Updates: Red alert in Kerala as storm emerges.

Natural calamities have no control over it, but yes, we are the only people who are responsible to disturb the nature and make it aggressive. We humans over Earth create lots of pollution and damages to nature by cutting trees, polluting water, producing harmful gases from factories, etc. many more can be the reason we may not know. Nature gives us back the loan we give it to them with double interest. I wish you people caught it well what I meant to say. Today the news is all about the heavy storm in Kerala, which has been given a red alert for fewer days to people out there. This storm was really breathtaking, which just in a minute has messed up the whole of Kerala.

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Sunday chaperon on inspection at Kerala divulge a prompt relief of Rs 100 crore as the state fortify for another streak of the heavy storm after a low strain to some areas along with the Bay of Bengal. Jurisdiction found this monsoon to spread to a vast extent that can rouse the rain to 38 more than 1,00 000 people to fluctuate to 1,036 relief camps.


Aid came in response to the state’s entreaty for Rs 1,220 crore from the National Disaster Response Fund. Whereas the Centre had permitted till Rs 80 crore and another Rs 18.24 crore to the state. Resorting and agricultural zones agonized a lot by this clumsily. The large field of crops, harvested areas, power lines, transports many more got Stuck and got smashed. People out there are roaming homeless due to this no single house is protected by the range of water, around 1,00,000 people had to be sheltered themselves in reprieve camps. Health relief camps had given their best service to them, they rescued many people’s and helped too many to their level best. They have kept every emergency service for people from bread and butter to medication. Minister in Parvavur Taluk visited that relief Daliesque and was proud to conclude that people in camps are safe and secured with proper convinced service and plans that no one can criticize about it to any ineptitude.

It’s easy to watch in television and pass judgment about the people’s who are suffering and for them who are trying their best to secure those peoples, but it takes lots of courage to forget about your own life in order to serve humanity by saving others. This situation leads to unlocking the fourth drape of the Idamalayar dam to divert its route for a while. Hope for the best to happen.


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