Parker Solar Probe : NASA’s ‘Touch the Sun’ Mission has been postponed for 24 hours.

NASA's Solar Probe Launch Delayed
Parker Solar Probe: Nasa delays the mission to unveil Corona and Sun’s mysteries

Humanity’s first Mission to ‘Touch the Sun’ launch is delayed. NASA’s much-awaited ‘Mission Sun’ has been postponed for 24 hours. NASA has touted for the launch of its kind of the first spacecraft till tomorrow, to fly straight to the sun to reveal the enchanting atmosphere of stars and its secrets. Parker Solar Probe will be the fastest spacecraft ever, breaking all the record with the speed of 692000 km/h (430000 mph).

American Space Agency NASA officials said that the reason for the delay was not immediately known, but it was avoided after gaseous helium alarm was played a few minutes before launch.

Engineers are taking great care to investigate. Thomas Jürbchen, Chief of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, said that this mission is one of the agency’s ‘strategically important mission’.


Nasa has released the new Launch date for Paker solar probe. NASA said that if 60 percent of the conditions are favorable for the launch, then it can be launched on Sunday at 3 o’clock in the 31 minutes at local time.

What is Parker Solar Probe and What is Its Mission?

Nasa’s Parker Solar Probe mission is about to embark the historic journey to very own stars the sun. Name for Dr. Eugene N. Parker was contribution have revolutionized our understanding of the sun. Parker’s Solar probe will show a new era of exploration.

It is a mission of extremes. The spacecraft plans to the sun’s atmosphere called corona and fly closer to the sun’s surface than any spacecraft in the history. more than 7 times closer. The Sun’s Surface is hot and temperature exceeding 10000 degrees Farhenite but the real surprise is its atmosphere is even hotter (300 Time Hotter) and Facing the corona brutal heat and radiation condition.


Parker solar probe will find they provide the answer to some of the important questions about how our sun works. As Parker Solar Probe speeds around the sun making this measure. it’s moving at over 430 thousand miles per hour. that’s like traveling from Newyork To Tokyo in less than a minute.

This mission is the compilation of 60 years work by the best and brightest scientific and engineering minds. Today our technology will let us achieve our dreams to reveal the secret of corona and our Sun and one day help better protect technology from space’s weather.


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