NMAT 2022 Exam Pattern

The exam pattern comprises the mode of exam, time duration, type, number of sections, marking scheme etc. The candidates are suggested to read the test pattern first so as to prepare for the exam of NMAT 2022 as accordingly.
Mode of Exam:

  • It is the computer-based online test and gives each aspirant a randomly generated test from a pool of questions, delivered at one at a time.

Type of Exam:

  • NMAT 2022 will be objective entrance examination which multiple options will be given for each question and the candidates need to select the right one.

Time Duration:

  • 120 minutes or 2 hours shall be provided to the candidates so as to finish the exam. No extra or additional time shall be allotted under any circumstance.

Number of Sections:

  • The exam comprises three sections i.e. Language skills, quantitative skills and logical reasoning. It should be noted that these three sections are individually timed and the candidates need to attempt questions of each section within the allotted time period. It is advised that test takers must review their answers before moving towards the next section as once he closes the section, his marked answers will be considered as final one. After closing the section, no modifications will be allowed under any circumstance.

Distribution of Questions:

Language skills3222 minutes
Quantitative Skills4860 minutes
Logical reasoning4038 minutes
Total120 questions120 minutes or 2 hours

Marking Scheme:

  • No negative marking will be done for the wrong answers and the candidates can freely choose the guessed option without worrying about any deduction.

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