LG V40 confirms to launch with 5 cameras

LG V40
LG G7 ThinQ (LG V40 will somewhat look like it)

Korean brand has earlier launched V30S ThinQ and V35 ThinQ in 2018 which are the intermix of LG V30 launched in 2017. But true to our knowledge LG is working on the successor. Nowadays it is not easy to puzzled anyone in the smartphone market, but it seems that LG has arranged a solution for it by considering LG V40. Yes, a true premium handset circulating in the news for having 5 cameras.

According to the ‘Android Police’ website, the LG V40 will feature three cameras in the rear. That is, a system similar to what Huawei presented with the P20 Pro, the first mobile phone with three cameras in the smartphone world. The remaining 2 cameras will go to the front in which should be a 3D facial recognition system.

LG V40: Specifications

It is true that two front cameras, and three rear cameras is nothing new in this crazy mobile phone market. However, it will be the first time that a mobile phone will have both systems in one package. That is, if the rumor is true, the LG V40 will be the mobile phone with more cameras than ever. The first two sensors might have wide-angle lens while the third one is kept aside for zoom option. The front two expects to feature 3D facial tech.


Like the V30, which is basically a slightly larger G6, the LG V40 should be quite similar to G7 ThinQ. V40 will arrive with a ‘notch’ display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, as well as the Quad DAC. LG introduced this Hi-fi Audio tech for V-series smartphones. In addition to these important features, the company will also implement a dedicated Google Assistant button and fingerprint sensor on the back of the device. With a release sometime later this year V40 follow the same steps as its predecessors. Meanwhile, we will receive many news before the launch.

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