Island Boys Net Worth 2023 (Updated): How Much The Tiktokers Earn?

What Is Island Boys Net Worth 2023? Island Boys are the 20-year-old twins who have become famous because of TikTok. The Island Boys are a pair of South Florida brothers who became famous for their impromptu song “Island Boys.” On October 12, 2021, Franky and Alex Venegas released their infamous TikTok. The Island Boys’ real names are Alex (Flyysoulja) Venegas, and Franky (Kodiyakredd), according to Music in Minnesota. They were welcomed to the world on July 16, 2001, in Florida.

After their father died when they were six years old, the boys were raised by a single mother. They periodically got into mischief as they grew older. “Island Boy,” a popular freestyle rap video by Florida rappers Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd, is a popular freestyle rap video by twin brothers Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd. Two young men with thick dreadlocks and tattoos freestyle in a hot pool about being an “island boy” in an R&B / hip-hop manner. It became viral in October 2021 as an example of rappers presenting the stereotype of a Florida dude.

Island Boys Net Worth Updated 2023:

What Is Island Boys Net Worth? The Island Boys made money off their celebrity by joining Cameo and collaborating with mass merchandisers. A personalized video costs $170 from the duo. T-shirts and sweatshirts are available for $25.99 and $45.99, respectively, in their merch store, which is accessible through Kodiyakredd’s LinkTree site. Their YouTube channel, Big Bag Entertainment, has around 118,000 subscribers and 40 million views.

Island Boys Net Worth
Island Boys

With 10 million views and counting, the official music video for their smash song is responsible for a quarter of that. Island Boys NFTs are available for purchase with the cryptocurrency Ethereum and can be minted. The Island Boys have a net worth of $600,000, according to Exact Net Worth. This amount is significantly more than their previous estimate of $100,000 in December 2021, illustrating the Island Boys’ enduring strength in the fast-paced music and content industry.

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How did the Island Boys get famous?

The brothers have the unmistakable style of today’s young rappers, complete with tattoos, jewelry, and a large social media following. For a time, the Island Boys had the precious attention span of all of the social media; yet, a lot of the answering comments and critiques were aimed at them. The two brothers are shown in a hot tub freestyling alternate verses and crooning the words “I’m an Island Boy” as a chorus in their original video, which was mysteriously taken from TikTok. Many people on social media mocked the Island Boys for their appearance and mumbling rapping style. In any case, the brothers have made themselves marketable, with each having over 1 million Instagram followers.


Island Boys Girlfriend: Are the Twins dating Someone?

Although they’ve both been seen posing with girls on their Instagram sites, it’s unclear whether each individual is now in a relationship. In October 2021, Alex uploaded a photo of himself on the beach with his arms around a girl, “My soulmate baby.” Her Twitter handle is @toxiicfaiiry, and she also has an Onlyfans account, but little else is known about her.

Franky uploaded an Instagram photo with a girl who goes by the name @itsmontiibabii in the same month. Despite the fact that she only has two Instagram posts, one of which is a photo of her with Franky, she has about 115,000 followers, which she used to publish her article. Franky’s first Instagram post in September 2021 was a video of him cuddling and snuggling up to her.

Are the Island Boys touring?

The Island Boy’s LinkTree sites do not have a tour schedule provided. The duo was booed off the stage at Miami’s Club Liv, according to LADBible. The Island Boys sparked a sensation when they stormed off the set of Logan Paul’s show IMPULSIVE after misinterpreting an interview question as a criticism. Law authorities raided the brothers’ rented Florida home on February 8, 2022, and a murder suspect was detained, but neither of the Island Boys was taken into jail.


Interesting Facts About Island Boys:

The twins are also notable for their distinctive hairstyles. Alex’s hair is yellow, while Franky’s is brown with blond tips, and they both have spike-like locks. The white line that Franky draws on his hairline has piqued the interest of many. To achieve this odd look, he claims to use a chalk barber pencil. They have various tattoos on unusual regions of their bodies, in addition to their famous hairstyles.

Island Boys Net Worth
Island Boys

Alex has tattoos of inscriptions on his temples and the number 17 on his brow. On the other hand, Franky’s brow is emblazoned with an eagle. Franky revealed in an interview that he began tattooing when he was 12 years old and that even as a young boy, he self-imagined himself as Someone with numerous tattoos. His sibling has multiple tattoos on his neck and chest, and he has a large tattoo on his chest and neck.

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