Is The Turning Point A True Story? Where Was It Filmed?

Is The Turning Point Filming Locations – Where Is The Turning Point was filmed ? – The criminal drama film ‘The Turning Point’ (‘La Svolta’), directed by Riccardo Antonaroli in his feature debut, is above all a celebration of loneliness. A burglar discovers the ideal hiding place in a loner’s flat. The loner joins in, and the two guys build an amicable connection over the duration of the tour. Now that Jack, the kidnapper, understands that he is a vicious man, it is preferable to be alone than to be with him. The loner, on the other hand, struggles with suffocating depression.

Due to its funny storyline, seamless acting, and great production value, the film drew the attention of fans and reviewers following its premiere at the Torino Film Festival. The hermit lives in an apartment in Rome’s historic Garbatella area, and the film vividly depicts the disparity between his inner and outside worlds. However, you may wonder where the movie was filmed. Is the plot also based on a true-crime incidence that occurred in Italy?

Is The Turning Point Based on A True Story?

‘The Turning Point’ isn’t based on a true story, to be sure. The portrayal of mental health difficulties in the screenplay by Roberto Cimpanelli and Gabriele Scarfone, on the other hand, is highly genuine. Riccardo Antonaroli was looking for something youthful and joyful for his first feature-length film. He recalled that the script matched his expectations for a first feature film. Even the imaginary characters in the story contain features that left an indelible impression on Antonaroli.


In an interview, the filmmaker expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to work on such a project for his debut feature picture. Although the film is marketed as a story about two recluses, the loner’s sympathetic attachment with his captor is a textbook case of Stockholm Syndrome. While the phrase represents a wide range of feelings, it is mostly a coping method for people who are subjected to abuse or captivity settings. People with the syndrome develop sympathising feelings for their captors over time.

Furthermore, depression and anxiety problems are more common in modern times than people’s desire to talk about them. It is critical to destigmatize mental health issues through a collaborative and communicative approach if we are to advance as a progressive society. ‘The Turning Point,’ by Antonaroli, accomplishes this feat admirably.

The picture may be seen as an essay on masculinity in the spirit of ‘Fight Club,’ with its layers of meaning. The filmmaker, on the other hand, has avoided such connotations through his careful use of the material. Furthermore, the main cast members accepted their roles and worked together to produce the film’s seamless chemistry. Even if the story’s breadth is imaginary, the story’s creators have managed to wrap it in admirable realism.


The Turning Point Filming Locations

The whole film ‘The Turning Point’ was shot in and around Italy, particularly in Rome. The whole production is in Italian, with the majority of the actors and crew being from the nation. As a result, it’s no surprise that the director chose his home nation as the setting for his first feature film. As Director of Photography, Emanuele Zarlenga, the cinematographer of ‘Divorzio a Las Vegas,’ joined the team. Sonia Peng, whose work on ‘Hardboiled Egg’ earned her international praise, was brought on as the Production Designer, while Paola Soldini was the Set Decorator for the film.

Italy has one of the best production settings in Europe, thanks in part to the country’s prominence in film history. Furthermore, the environments span from snow-capped peaks to lush valleys and beaches, allowing filmmakers to meet their filming needs and requirements with ease. In addition, the government offers a tax credit programme that reimburses up to 40% of tax payments for approved works. Now, let us take you to the particular sites where the film was shot!

Rome, Italy

The majority of ‘The Turning Point’ was shot in and around Rome, Italy’s municipality and capital city. The city has seen centuries of violent history as the historical seat of the Lazio region and the Roman empire. As a result, modern-day Rome is an eclectic blend of old and contemporary. If you’re interested in architecture, the city has plenty to offer, from St. Peter’s Basilica to the famed Colosseum.


‘The Turning Point’ is located in the Garbatella area of Rome. Some outside sequences were most likely shot on location. The Ostiense neighbourhood of Rome is home to the city’s urban zone, which retains an old-world beauty amidst newer developments. Additionally, some portions may have been built from the ground up in a city studio setting.


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