Is the ketogenic diet a good choice for diabetes?

Diabetes is slowly becoming a widespread disease in the US, with more and more people suffering from it every year. For this reason, prevention has become a major focus in recent years, and although opinions vary from doctor to doctor on the right diet, most doctors agree that eating the right foods and eating habits can reduce the risk of developing diabetes and even prevent it.

Diabetes is, after all, caused by the inability of the pancreas to produce enough insulin or to deliver the insulin it does produce to the right place. In a healthy body, the carbohydrate ingested in the diet is broken down into sugar, or glucose, and the pancreas produces insulin to transport it.

In diabetes, however, even though the body senses that blood sugar levels are high, it cannot produce enough insulin to transport it. Since the ketogenic diet is essentially a low-carbohydrate lifestyle, it can be useful in preventing and even treating diabetes. But is it really?


Well, current research has not yet proven whether a ketogenic lifestyle is effective in treating type 1 diabetes, but doctors recommend a low-carbohydrate lifestyle, so a ketogenic diet may be appropriate.

In the case of type 2 diabetes, there is no concrete evidence that the ketogenic diet can reverse the disease, but there is evidence that the ketogenic diet controls glucose levels and therefore requires less insulin. The keto diet has been shown to lower blood glucose levels, making it a good option for type 2 diabetes alongside medication.


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