Is Emma Roberts Pregnant? The Holidate Actress Sparks Expecting Rumors With Baby No.2

Are you curious about Emma Roberts’ pregnancy? The Holidate actress recently discussed how she experienced bullying because of her unibrow. At the time, she was ridiculed by everyone. Assuming this doesn’t matter, it’s more worrying to wonder if Emma Roberts is expecting a second kid. How do you feel?

It is barely necessary to introduce Emma Roberts. Her depictions in the thriller and horror genres have made her very well-known. Emma, a native of Rhinebeck, New York, has dominated the internet since 2001. Watch Scream 4, which was released in 2011.

Aquamarine, Scream Queens, Maybe I Do, Abandoned, About Fate, Billionaire Boys Club, Unfabulous, etc. are just a few of Emma Roberts’ well-known acting roles. The American Horror Story series comes highly recommended by a fan of hers. She will be releasing American Horror Story: Delicate, which will make you happy. She will be seen playing Anna Alcott, the main character.


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The subject of Emma Roberts’ personal life must be brought up again in relation to her pregnancy. The actress is already the mother of a boy who was born in 2020. Now what do we do? Is Emma currently expecting a second child? If so, then who, exactly? What is known about Emma Roberts’ potential pregnancy is listed below.

Emma Roberts Pregnant: Is It True? 

No. Emma Roberts is not currently expecting. In other words, Emma Roberts is not carrying her second child. The claims that she is expecting her second child are untrue.


We’re not entirely sure what sparked or prompted the rumors that Emma is expecting. Nothing warrants disappointment or outrage. In fact, having a child is something to be proud of and more like a blessing. But it’s also a matter of preference.

As previously announced, Emma Roberts is the mother of a son who was born on December 27, 2020. Rhodes is his name. But who is her baby’s father, I wonder? Well, not everyone is aware that Emma’s child is fathered by actor Garrett Hedlund from the Triple Frontier. However, the two called their quits in January 2022.

Let’s make a wild guess as to what started the second pregnancy rumors surrounding Emma Roberts. It was after she was discovered to be pregnant on the set of the forthcoming American Horror Story season. However, Emma actually wore a fake belly bump to indicate that her character would be seen to be expecting a child.


Emma Roberts may be pregnant overall, but that is only seen on screen. She is ecstatic and thrilled to be Rhodes’ mother. Emma hasn’t mentioned her desire for a second kid in any of the interviews thus far. Therefore, we shouldn’t anticipate Emma Roberts to become pregnant again anytime soon.

How is Emma Robert’s love life going? The question of who she is having a relationship with also arises from the rumors of her second pregnancy. Emma has, in fact, discovered her true love once more. Who is he, you ask? Cody John, an actor, is who he is. In August 2022, the two officially announced their relationship. Both, though, would like it remain private.

You must already follow Emma Roberts on social media platforms given how much you love her. Have you noticed her postings recently showing a true pregnancy bump? No. There is no need to expound further on the cause because it is extremely obvious. Additionally, Cody John, her partner, kept quiet and disregarded the reports about her pregnancy.


Congratulations to Emma Roberts. If you haven’t already, make sure to follow Emma on Instagram for more details on their relationship in case she posts any updates.

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