Is Dolph Lundgren Alive? The Action Star Current Health Update

Dolph Lundgren, the renowned Swedish actor and martial artist best known for appearances in movies like Rocky IV and Aquaman, had his reps affirm he is still alive in September 2023 in order to quell suspicions. Here’s a closer look at the recent activities in the star’s life, in light of health worries.

Action movies are synonymous with Dolph Lundgren. Concerns regarding his health have been sparked by recent rumors. The most recent information on Lundgren’s health and career is provided in this article.

Summary of is dolph lundgren still alive

June 2023Dolph Lundgren marries Emma KrokdalLavish wedding with his personal trainer on the Greek island of Mykonos.
September 2020Dolph Lundgren reveals his battle with kidney cancerDisclosed an eight-year fight with kidney cancer, undergoing successful treatments after a near-death experience.
September 2023Dolph Lundgren’s representatives confirm his statusRepresentatives squash death rumors, confirming Lundgren’s good health.
September 2023Dolph Lundgren announces his battle with lung cancerAfter a lung cancer diagnosis, Dolph undergoes successful tumor removal surgery.

Dolph Lundgren’s Recent Marriage

Dolph made the vows in June 2023 alongside Emma Krokdal, his personal trainer. The lovely Greek island of Mykonos served as the setting for their romantic celebration. This happy occasion shows that, in spite of his health struggles, Dolph’s personal life is prospering.


Health Scare in 2020

A terrible discovery was made in 2020. Dolph opened up about his eight-year struggle with kidney cancer. When the cancer advanced to his lungs as a result of this struggle, he had a close call with death. Fortunately, Lundgren recovered after receiving effective therapy.

Recent Confirmation of Dolph Lundgren’s Status

There were numerous health-related rumors, as well as death-related conjectures. His representatives clarified this in September 2023, saying that Lundgren is alive and in good health.

Career Highlights

Ivan Drago, who Lundgren portrayed in Rocky IV, is still widely remembered. Fans are anticipating his appearance in the upcoming The Expendables 4 with great anticipation, despite the fact that his roles in The Expendables, Universal Soldier, and Aquaman cemented his status in Hollywood.


Personal Information

Dolph, who was born on November 3, 1957, in Stockholm, Sweden, is more than just a talented actor. He holds a Royal Institute of Technology bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. Dolph is the father of two daughters outside of his career.

Recent Battle with Lung Cancer

Although beating renal cancer was a victory, 2023 brought about another obstacle. Lung cancer was revealed to be Dolph’s diagnosis. The action actor is currently in remission after having the tumor surgically removed in Los Angeles.


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