Is Amy From 1000 Pound Sisters Pregnant? The News Has Fans Worried!

Is Amy From 1000 Pound Sisters Pregnant? Amy Slaton has been in the news recently due to her pregnancy. Is Amy from 1000 Pound Sisters expecting another child? The YouTuber and her husband have finally spoken out about their pregnancy, which they announced at the start of the year. Amy has always expressed a desire for children and a family. She, too, desired to reduce weight for the same reason, as well as to live a long and healthy life. Despite all of the obstacles and issues, Amy and her husband welcomed their first child in 2020. Now, it looks like the actress is ready to welcome her second child.

Meanwhile, other people believe that the reality star should have waited a while before welcoming a new member into her family. Many individuals even advised her to avoid becoming pregnant again and instead focus on caring for her first child. The popular reality star has been through her fair share of emotional turmoil as well as a weight-loss program. Most of her plans would be put on hold if she had a second child in her life. As a result, fans are particularly frightened about Amy being pregnant once more.

Is Amy From 1000 Pound Sisters Pregnant?

Is Amy From 1000 Pound Sisters Pregnant? Amy from 1000 Pound Sisters is expecting a child. In the summers, she will give birth to her second child. Rumors and rumors have been circulating since last year when she resumed her weight-loss journey and hinted at having another kid. However, she remained tight-lipped about her pregnancy at the time. Amy announced her pregnancy and received official confirmation at the start of this year, on January 02, 2022.

Amy From 1000 Pound Sisters
Amy From 1000 Pound Sisters

Sisters worth a thousand pounds Amy shared a video on her YouTube channel announcing her pregnancy with her husband, Michael Halterman. Amy’s pregnancy announcement video was titled Our Little Secret. In the video, the YouTuber also stated that she and her husband wanted to make the pregnancy workable. As a result, the couple had held off announcing their pregnancy for a while.

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Amy From 1000 Pound Sisters Baby is Due For Summers

Amy from 1000 Pound Sisters had revealed not only her pregnancy but also her due date. In a video posted on January 02, 2022, she stated that she was eleven weeks and four days pregnant at the time. The due date for her child is July 18, 2022. But, with the tubes tied and a C-section, it will most likely be July 05 for her. The YouTuber went on to reveal that she and her spouse are still unsure about the baby’s gender. The couple had chosen names for their impending kid and had given it the moniker Beanie.


Amy also turned to Instagram to announce the arrival of her baby and the expected due date. She posted a picture of her first child, Gage, on Instagram with the remark, “He’ll be a big brother in July.” They are ecstatic since she is expecting on July 18. Meanwhile, Gage’s shirt has the words “I’m going to be a big brother in 2022” inscribed on it.

Fans Concerned For Amy’s Pregnancy

Amy’s troubles during the delivery of his first child, Gage, in November 2020, have already been widely publicized. Many of her followers, without a doubt, are ecstatic about the latest joy. Many others, however, are dissatisfied with her status due to her weight loss and other health issues. Fans are now much more anxious that she may experience the same problems as she did during Gage’s time. Fans believe she would now abandon her weight-loss goals for the sake of the baby.

Amy From 1000 Pound Sisters
Amy From 1000 Pound Sisters

Amy’s Doctor is Disappointed Taking Her Weight

Amy had just seen her doctor, Dr. Charles Procter Jr, for a check-up and to be weighed. And it appears that Amy’s doctor is dissatisfied with her weight loss and expresses his unhappiness with Amy’s development. The doctor also said that there is no assurance that surgery will help you lose weight or keep it off. Amy isn’t putting up any attempt to improve her health, according to Procter. They’ve very well come to a halt at this point.


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