Is 30 for 30: Shark on Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Prime, or HBO Max?

’30 for 30: Shark’ is a sports documentary film about retired golfer Greg Norman, sometimes known as “The Great White Shark” or “The Shark,” who represented Australia in the 1996 Masters Tournament. Greg had a six-shot advantage over Nick Faldo in the final round. The advantage, however, did not help him win the tournament, as his game crumbled, costing Greg the Masters title for the year. ’30 for 30: Shark’ is part of the ’30 for 30′ documentary series, which examines major figures and events in sports history.

What is 30 for 30: Shark About?

The popular sports documentary series ’30 for 30′ has a new episode called ’30 for 30: Shark.’ Greg Norman, a retired Australian golfer whose career is fascinating to watch, is featured in this edition. Greg’s path is chronicled in this documentary video, which includes many life milestones such as his first major season in 1986. The documentary’s main focus, however, is Greg’s performance at the 1996 Masters Tournament.

Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia hosted the event. Norman was pitted against England’s Nick Faldo in the last round. Norman couldn’t beat the English golfer despite a six-shot advantage. Greg returns to Augusta twenty-five years after the historic occurrence to talk about his life and the dramatic collapse on the grounds. Here’s everything you need to know about where you can watch this gripping documentary!


Is 30 for 30: Shark on Netflix?

’30 for 30: Shark’ isn’t available on Netflix. Documentaries such as ‘Pelé’ and ‘Schumacher’ are available to subscribers instead. Both stories revolve around well-known sports figures who were well-liked in their respective fields.

Is 30 for 30: Shark on Hulu?

If you pay $13.99 a month for ESPN+ and Disney+, you can watch ’30 for 30: Shark’ on Hulu. The documentary may be found right here. Alternatively, you can view similar sports-related documentaries like ‘Born to Play’ and ‘Take Every Wave: The Life of Laird Hamilton’ with your basic Hulu membership.

Is 30 for 30: Shark on Amazon Prime?

’30 for 30: Shark’ is available for purchase on Amazon Prime! Prime customers may also watch documentaries like ‘Andy Murray: Resurfacing’ and ‘Fernando,’ which have similar themes.


Is 30 for 30: Shark on HBO Max?

While HBO Max does not include ’30 for 30: Shark,’ it does have great alternatives such as ‘Diego Maradona’ and ‘Being Serena.’ The documentaries, which are based on the lives of Diego Maradona and Serena Williams, respectively, provide audiences an inside look into the lives of the prominent sports figures.

Is 30 for 30: Shark on Disney+?

While some episodes of the “30 for 30” series are available on Disney+, “30 for 30: Shark” is not. ’30 for 30: Nature Boy’ and ’30 for 30: LANCE’ are two of the ’30 for 30′ films accessible on Disney+.

Where to Watch 30 for 30: Shark Online?

For $6.99 per month, you can watch ’30 for 30: Shark’ on ESPN+; you can watch the documentary here! You can also purchase the documentary on Google Play. The movie is also available to watch on DirecTV, Xfinity, and FuboTV.


How to Stream 30 for 30: Shark for Free?

New DirecTV customers can get a 5-day free trial to watch ’30 for 30: Shark.’ You can also view the Greg Norman documentary for free with Xfinity’s month-long free trial. FuboTV also offers a free week-long trial. As a result, we strongly advise our readers not to watch the film by any unlawful means. You can help individuals engaged in the documentary’s production by donating to relevant outlets.

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