Intel’s Coffee Lake-S CPU scored on Cinebench

Coffee Lake-S

The American multinational company Intel has marked the beginning of new processors. The new processors have been designed for high-performance desktop PCs. Although Intel has confirmed that it will launch a 28-core CPU to face the admiring market and  servers. Desktop platforms will be upgrade with the new ‘Coffee Lake-S’ and ‘Skylake-X’ processors. The processor will be have base frequency of 3GHz. Also, it scores 2212 points on Cinebench benchmark site which is impressive. AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper 2990X 32-core processor scores 6399 points. 

8 core Coffee Lake-S and 22 core Skylake-X line CPUs:

It was confirmed this year that Intel will offer three different desktop solutions. Being segmented from the entry level to the ‘premium’ market following are the new desktop processors from Intel:

  • Cascade Lake-X (LGA 3647 / Ultra-Premium Marketplace)
  • Skylake-X Update (LGA 2066 / High-End Market)
  • Coffee Lake-S Update (LGA 1151 / Mainstream Market)

These are the three product lines that are expected to be launched this year. However, Intel will keep the current processor lines. Both the current line and future ‘Coffee Lake-S’ will be compatible with all 300 series motherboards. In the same way, the current Skylake-X will also work with the new platforms. In short, the brand new Intel platform is the Cascade Lake-X platform. It will be available with a new socket and a new HEDT chipset.

Coffee Lake-S

Coffee Lake-S is set to ship in September along with the Z390 motherboards. According to PCWatch, Intel will release its first 8-core mainstream processor for the consumer market in September this year. However, core growth is clearly a reaction to AMD. Intel expects its new CPU to rival Ryzen 7 2700X. The latest generation of Z390 motherboards will be released which will offer more I / O and PCIe connectivity to consumers. The new processors will have versions of 95W and 80W. They will come under the Core i9 section and priced above $ 400/ 27,099 INR.


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