Instagram Lite: a lighter version for anyone

Instagram Lite

With over 1 billion active users per month, Instagram is one of the most popular mobile apps and a big win for Facebook, which has acquired this social network that has been investing in photo sharing for $ 1 billion for six years. Just as Facebook release a Lite version for its app, Instagram also releases one Lite app.

This social network that continues to grow wants to attract even more users and as such does not want to leave out emerging markets. That’s why you’re preparing Instagram Lite for those who have smartphones with fewer features and want to use a lighter application.


“We are testing a new version of Instagram for Android, which takes up less space on the device, uses less data and starts faster,” an Instagram spokesman told the TechCrunch website. In fact, the Instagram Lite application is only 573 KB, which is only 1/55 the size of the full Instagram application for Android.

The idea behind creating Instagram Lite applications is for users to get apps that work faster on older hardware and take up less space. In addition, they should be able to function better, even when speeds of Internet access are more limited.

At the functionality level, the Instagram Lite application has almost the same functionality as the main application. You’ll be able to add photos, use filters, access stories, and use the Explore page. However you will not be able to share videos or send messages directly to your friends. For now Instagram Lite is only available in Mexico, but will be released soon to other markets.


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