I Become a Fool when it Comes to My Daughter Chapter 123: Release Date & Spoilers

Next week will see the publication of Chapter 123 of I Become a Fool when it Comes to My Daughter. The manga “I Become a Fool When It Comes to My Daughter” expertly combines elements of drama, humor, slice-of-life, and love to create a touching tale that reaches out and connects with the reader. authored by Kiwoo, with illustrations by Sayan.

Juwon Lee, 24, a part-time convenience store employee who resides in a modest apartment, is the main character of this novel. After his uncle passed away, Juwon inherited the responsibility of raising Yeondu, his beautiful 4-year-old daughter. He must balance parenthood while still managing his own life and work in the face of this added responsibility.

This comic beautifully captures the feeling of parenthood by showing Juwon’s difficulties to raise Yeondu alone. “I Become a Fool When It Comes to My Daughter” explores the complexities of familial bonds, personal growth, and the perseverance of love even in the face of life’s unpredictabilities.


Readers will laugh and cry along with Juwon and Yeondu as they go through this heartwarming comic together. Let’s look at the publication date, times, and locations for chapter 123 of I Become a Fool when It Comes to My Daughter.

Recap of I Become a Fool when it comes to My Daughter Chapter 123

“I Become a Fool When It Comes to My Daughter,” Chapter 122, exudes a sense of enthusiasm and fun. Due to the previous incident that occurred two days prior, the mood was quite tense. The Juwon Lee, often known as Daddy, is getting ready for a significant event. Juwon Lee initially questioned whether the greatest moment to bring up Yeondu was right now.

Juwon Lee’s announcement that he would be picking up Yeondu was met with obvious delight. The result is a touching and heartfelt father-son conversation. But he was aware that Seyeon might have heard his father speaking to Juwon. Juwon Lee made fun of the fact that he was concerned about being sucked up by the carefree joy of his inner monologue.


Seeyeon’s cool, collected approach made his father feel at ease, and he subtly brought up the car he had recently purchased. Juwon Lee is congratulated by Seyeon for purchasing the car, and the two go on to make fun of one another. The two engage up a cordial conversation, and when Seyeon asks Juwon Lee about the automobile, he says he bought it specifically to take Yeondu and Seyeon.

This information, along with his modest admission that he is a coward yet is confident in his driving skills, makes Juwon Lee seem more sympathetic. Up until they stumble across an artwork, the chapter’s tone is lighthearted. When Yeondu first saw it, he was overjoyed to discover that Ahjussi, most likely Juwon Lee, was the illustrator. The drawing has an effect on Seyeon, which strengthens their bond and advances the plot.

Yeondu serves as Eden’s role model as the narrative progresses. Yeondu was delighted to hear her father boast that it was his photography that had led to this. Yeondu was complimented on her beauty while shopping and was shocked to learn that Eden’s model was an unidentified individual.


The bond between Juwon Lee and Seyeon grows stronger as the narrative goes on and more of their encounters are revealed. The father’s happiness and contentment with his daughter’s accomplishments are beautifully depicted in this chapter. Readers are eagerly anticipating the chapter in which Juwon Lee and Seyeon analyze which drawing has the best chance of winning the prize.

The story has suspense because of their entertaining disagreement over whether to reveal the drawing right away or later. In this episode, Juwon Lee returns the artwork and expresses his gratitude, hinting that he doesn’t want to give away the surprise and that Seyeon is aware of his feelings.

The evolution of their friendship and the significance of their relationship through time are things that he and Seyeon really appreciate. ready to travel. In chapter 122 of “I Became a Fool When It Comes to My Daughter,” a heartfelt tale of friendship, patience, and an unbreakable father-daughter love is told. Readers of this adorable manga are eagerly awaiting the release of each new chapter. and trying situations.


I Become a fool when it comes to my Daughter Chapter 123 Release Date

On September 20, 2023, I Become a Fool when It Comes to My Daughter Chapter 123 will be released. Here are the release dates for Chapter 123 of I Become a Fool When It Comes to My Daughter for different time zones:

  • Pacific Daylight Time: 8:00 AM PDT (September 20, 2023)
  • Central Daylight Time: 9:00 AM CDT (September 20, 2023)
  • Eastern Daylight Time: 10:00 AM EDT (September 20, 2023)
  • Greenwich Mediterranean Time: 5:00 PM BST (September 20, 2023)
  • Indian Standard Time: 8.30 PM IST (September 20, 2023)
  • Singapore Standard Time: 11:00 PM SGT (September 20, 2023)
  • Korean Standard Time: midnight KST (September 21, 2023)
  • Japanese Standard Time: midnight JST (September 21, 2023)
  • Australia Eastern Daylight Time: 02:00 AM AEDT (September 21, 2023)

Where to Read I Become A Fool When It Comes To My Daughter Chapter 123?

On Kakao, readers may read Chapter 123 of I Become A Fool When It Comes To My Daughter in raw format. I Become A Fool When It Comes To My Daughter is also available on Manta in English translation.


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