Hyundai Venue Flux debuted with a youthful design

In addition to the new grille, Hyundai’s new small crossover impresses with its youthful and striking color combination.

A reasonable choice in the small crossover / SUV segment, Hyundai Venue attracts more visitors thanks to its modern design and the price of Hyundai Venue flux is only about $ 17,250-23,270. The Launch Date of New Venue Flux is expected in January 2021. The Hyundai Venue Price in India will be Aprrox 13.24 Lakhs.

This price is attractive for users who want to own a moderate, not too big model, easy to move in the streets or narrow locations.


The Venue is smaller than Kona and is actually Hyundai’s smallest crossover. The car is beautifully designed, aimed at young users.

In the domestic market, Hyundai Venue has a new version that is different from the rest. The new Venue Flux has an outstanding grille compared to other Venue models.

The Venue Flux grille is built on a new, more beautiful process and is accessible to luxury cars.


Overall, the Venue Flux steering wheel retains the traditional design of Hyundai, youthful and modern, not to mention many color options that enhance the highlight.

Venue Flux listed on the Hyundai Korea website combines yellow and acid yellow, looks quite familiar, similar to the Australian market launch last year.

Acid yellow (blue) details appear in many locations, adding a striking touch to the Venue Flux both inside and out.


Upgrading with Venue Flux merely in design, the 1.6L engine remains the same. The Venue Flux will be launched in India very soon.

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