How Much Does Riding Excellence Cost with the TVS Apache RTR 310?

Recent months have seen a rise in interest in the high-performance TVS Apache RTR 310 among motorcycle aficionados. This heart-pounding motorcycle is a variation of the famed TVS Apache RR 310, a product of a partnership with BMW Motorrad. The alluring “tvs apache rtr 310 price” as of 2023 is inside a range that provides both excellence and affordability.

However, prospective purchasers should familiarize themselves with a thorough breakdown of the pricing based on variants and features before making the purchase. Furthermore, it’s critical to comprehend how it compares to rivals and its distinguishing characteristics.

tvs apache rtr 310 price

Base PriceRs. 2,42,990
Top Variant PriceRs. 2,63,990
Engine312.2cc reverse inclined DOHC
Peak Power35.6 PS
Main CompetitorKTM 250 Duke
Unique FeatureMichelin Road 5 tyres with ACT+ technology
Quickshifter VariantIncreases price by approximately Rs. 16,000

On the TVS Apache RTR 310 motorbike, a thrilling ride is guaranteed. Similar to its twin, the TVS Apache RR 310, this motorcycle provides a fantastic experience at a more reasonable price.


TVS Apache RTR 310 Price Range

Three standard SKUs and three BTO (Built to Order) variations are available for the RTR 310. Prices for the common SKUs range from Rs. 2,42,990 to Rs. 2,58,990. The price range for BTO models is between Rs. 2,63,990 and Rs. 2,73,990. This price range demonstrates how reasonably priced motorcycles are.

Pricing Details for Different Variants

If we dig a little deeper, we find that the TVS Apache RTR 310 comes in two shades: Arsenal Black and Fury Yellow. The following prices are dependent on features:

2.42,990 rupees for Arsenal Black without Quickshifter.
2.58,990 rupees for Arsenal Black, with Quickshifter.
Fury Yellow ($2,63,990) with Quickshifter
The quickshifter, which optimizes gear changes and boosts acceleration, is what sets these apart from one another.


TVS Apache RR 310 Price Comparison

The beginning price of the RR 310, which is closely linked to the RTR 310, is somewhat higher at Rs. 2,71,825. However, its further benefits, like as a more aggressive riding stance, make the price worthwhile.

Engine and Features

The RTR 310’s 312.0cc engine produces a maximum torque of 28.7 Nm and 35.6 PS at its peak. Its pricing is reasonable given that it comes with a 6-speed transmission and features like dual-channel ABS, numerous ride modes, and mobile connectivity.

Variants and Colors

Three different models of this motorcycle are available:


Black Arsenal without Quickshifter
Black Arsenal (with Quickshifter)
(With Quickshifter) Fury Yellow
Arsenal Black and Fury Yellow are the only available colors, and the total cost of the bike depends on each variation and color combination.

TVS Apache RTR 310 vs. Competitors

When compared to competitors like the KTM 250 Duke, the RTR 310 comes out on top with a tiny price premium, but makes up for it with a more powerful engine and comprehensive feature set. In addition, it is somewhat less expensive than the Bajaj Dominar 400 and boasts more responsive handling.


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