Germany bangs out of FIFA 2018 Group Stage

FIFA 2018
South Korea has scored its first goal of tournament

No on can assume or believe if the strong contender of this year’s football World Cup stays on loosing side. The defending champions of 2014 FIFA World Cup had just failed and it was repeated after a long 80 years. The German side enter the World Cup as the winners of 2017 Confederations Cup. The talented Germany struggled while Korean side stick to their plan. However, after back-to-back defeats against Sweden and Mexico, the disheartened side Korea didn’t gave up and results in victory with 2-0. There are some incidents so fateful in the world which just happened without any cause. This game was one of them. There was rousing action and high emotionalism but there was no storm and stress.

In this FIFA 2018 World Cup, South Korea are the only side to lost their first 2 games and still be a happy team.  The Korean football team come up with four changes after last game played with Mexico. Kim-Young Gwon scored the very first goal of the match at 1:07 of injury time while second goal was scored by Son Heungmin at 5:51. The goals were recorded after 90 full minutes.

Yesterday another match of FIFA 2018 was there which was being played between Nigeria and Argentina. Where Argentina had to play for its qualification for knockout. And the result was in favor of South American team. The match was won by Argentina qualifying for the Knockout stage with the 1-2 score. Next, Argentina will play against France on 30 June to qualify for Quart-finals.


FIFA 2018 Standings:

  • From Group A, Uruguay and Russia qualify for Knockout.
  • Spain and Portugal qualify from Group B
  • From Group C, France and Denmark qualify.
  • From Group D, Croatia and Argentina qualify.
  • Sweden and Mexico qualify from Group F
  • All teams from Group E, G and H has to play one match which will result the knockout standings.

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