First Day Updates From Apple’s WWDC 2018

Apple WWDC 2018_2

Apple’s world wide meeting has been started in California. The journey will over on 8 June 2018. The iPhone manufacturing company announced the iOS 12 for iPhone and iPad. Eyes from all over the world are on the Apple’s WWDC 2018. The conference every year highlights on the new inventions made by company developers. The center of this year’s conference revolves around iOS 12 which serves as the performance booster. All the devices which runs on iOS 11 will also be compatible to iOS 12. The first beta is expected to be available this week.

Updates from Apple WWDC 2018:

Applw WWDC 2108 WatchOS 5
WatchOS 5 unveiled in the WWDC 2018
  • Another updates are new changes to Siri and ARKit replaces to ARKit 2. Also, there are updates to apps such as news and books.
  • Now we can find quick, stable and sincere news on Apple news. iBooks changes to Apple Books like Google Play Books. Concerning the performance, now the applications will launch 40% faster. On the keyboard, the launch speed increase will be around 50%. The camera will also be much faster, reaching 70% on older devices. This is because Apple has adjusted the application launch system.
  • In parallel, the processor now always runs at full speed when it is charging. ARKit 2 will bring new and many tools for programmers such as better face scanning, better 3D object detection and – best of all – shared experiences. In practice this means, for example, that several players can play the same game in AR.
  • Siri will receive a new feature called Shortcuts. One can add shortcuts to your favorite Siri apps. Siri will also provide automatic suggestions on the lock screen. If you are late to leave the house, for example, you will be notified by the Apple Personal Assistant.
  • Time management of working on the smartphone can be done as phone will report the time spent on the apps.
  • Customization can be done to notifications such as Grouped notifications, and new feature launch Do not disturb for bedtime.
  • Carplay now supports third-party navigation systems.
  • New Animoji characters unveiled, now can sense language. FaceTime comes fully integrated into iMessage, so you can easily transition between applications.

iOS 12 will launch exclusive in September. Meanwhile, we could see a new iPhone variant justifying the operating system. Working with Pixar, Apple originate a new file format USDZ for AR making more accessible to users. Adobe declared its support for AR using Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Attracting the media with new OS, Apple WWDC 2018 also focused on WatchOS 5. It’s automatic exercise detection feature is unique. The same shortcuts that are available on Siri, will also reach Apple Watch.


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