Fatal Fandom Filming Locations: Is Fatal Fandom a True Story?

What are Fatal Fandom Filming Locations? ‘Fatal Fandom,’ directed by Jake Helgren, is a compelling thriller on Lifetime. Eden Chase, a famous pop star, goes through a horrific journey when she is nearly kidnapped by a psychotic admirer. She employs Jackson, a gorgeous but effective bodyguard, to protect her safety. He develops an obsessive attachment with her, though, and confesses that he is concealing a deadly secret from his past.

As a result, Eden should act quickly to extricate herself from Jackson before his nefarious plans come to fruition. The graphics of ‘Fatal Fandom,’ set against the glossy backdrop of a celebrity’s existence, not only portray Eden’s interesting surroundings but also the dark side of fame. If you want to know more about this intriguing film, then everything you need to know is right here!

Fatal Fandom Filming Locations

What are the Fatal Fandom Filming Locations? The film ‘Fatal Fandom’ was shot primarily in California, notably in Los Angeles and West Hollywood. The film’s principal photography began in early November 2021 and ended on November 19, 2021. During development, the film was initially titled ‘The Bodyguard.’ Let’s take a closer look at the filming locations now.



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Los Angeles, California

‘Fatal Fandom” was mostly shot in Los Angeles, a huge Southern Californian city widely regarded as the nation’s film and television capital. The Bel-Air Country Club, firmly located at 10768 Bellagio Road, appears to be where the cast and crew taped scenes. Los Angeles is a popular filming destination since it has the world’s largest hit-tech filmmaking studios as well as quite a vast network of top artists and production personnel.


‘Licorice Pizza,’ ‘Dog,’ ‘Free Guy,’ ‘Sins in the Suburbs,’ and ‘King Richard,’ as well as TV shows like ‘Minx,’ ‘Euphoria,’ and ‘How I Met Your Father,’ have all been filmed in the city. The Hollywood sign, TCL Chinese Theater, The Getty, and Griffith Observatory are among renowned monuments in Los Angeles, also known as the City of Angels. It stands out even more because of its well-planned cityscape and large neighborhoods, as well as its culturally diversified atmosphere.

West Hollywood, California

West Hollywood, a vibrant city in Los Angeles County, was used for some of the filmings of ‘Fatal Fandom.’ West Hollywood is known for its vibrant nightlife and the large LGBTQ+ community, and it is voted California’s most walkable city. It holds multiple high-profile Academy Awards celebrations each year, as well as the West Hollywood Halloween Carnival, the country’s largest Halloween street party. West Hollywood’s primary attractions are the Sunset Strip, Sierra Towers, Saint-Victor Catholic Church, Schindler House, and the West Hollywood Gateway Project. In addition, the city was the setting for the films Her,’ ‘The Green Mile,’ ‘The Big Lebowski,’ and ‘West Side Story.’

Fatal Fandom Cast

Eden Chase, played by Chaley Rose, is a well-known pop diva with a large fan following. Rose is best recognized for her roles as Zoey Dalton in the TV show “Nashville” and as Jade in the film “Holiday Heist.” She’s also been in the films A Christmas Duet’ and ‘My Best Friend’s Bouquet,’ as well as the television series ‘Filthy Preppy Teen$.’ Jackson Reed, Eden’s obsessive bodyguard, is played by Pete Plozsek. The actor has starred in the TV shows “Teen Wolf” and “Liberty Crossing,” as well as the films “Captain Marvel” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”


Heather Morris also appears as Addison, Eden’s supporting best friend, in ‘Fatal Fandom.’ Morris is best recognized for her roles as Brittany on the TV show ‘Glee’ and Bess in the film ‘Spring Breakers.’ Bayardo De Murguia (Christian Cruz), Malaya Rivera Drew (Collette), Nikki Tuazon (Dara), Ian Patrick Williams (Ozzie), Patrick McLain (Lee Vance), Rafael I. Molina (Kurt), and Alivia Levie (Kurt) are among the supporting cast members (Cheri).


Is Fatal Fandom a True Story?

‘Fatal Fandom’ isn’t based on a genuine story, to be sure. Jake Helgren wrote the script, which was made into a film. However, Heather Morris, who plays Addison, revealed in an interview that the romantic thriller film ‘The Bodyguard,’ starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner, was the inspiration. Rachel, a popular and well-known singer and actress engages Frank as her bodyguard after a stalker threatens her, and she gradually falls in love with him.


Despite the fact that Eden does not fall for Jackson in ‘Fatal Fandom,’ her terrifying encounter is eerily similar to Morris’ real-life experience of being hounded by an obsessed fan outside her Los Angeles residence. She revealed in a particular interview that the person would walk their dog outside her apartment and even resembled her in appearance. “And I saw this person and their dog every time I exited the apartment complex.” And their dog looked strangely similar to mine… Morris said, “She pretended she didn’t notice me, but it happened every time I walked out the door.”

The actress eventually approached the individual, who then fled, putting a stop to the scary scenario. Countless other celebrities have had similar issues with overbearing followers, and this goes to demonstrate the drawbacks of being in the spotlight, which is nicely shown in the film. Furthermore, the protagonist is in danger because of her own bodyguard, demonstrating that those closest to a person are frequently the ones who cannot be trusted. Even though ‘Fatal Fandom’ is not based on true events, it appears to be inspired by them and brought to life by the performers’ outstanding performances.

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