Don’t Kill Me Ending Explained !

Do you want Don’t Kill Me Ending Explained? The Italian-original ‘Don’t Kill Me’ (‘Non Mi Uccidere’), directed by Andrea De Sica, is a pleasant rarity in the ever-expanding directory of streaming sites. Despite the fact that the film is more about emotion than a genre, it is acceptable to classify it as a gruesome supernatural drama about a doomed relationship. It’s similar to ‘Twilight,’ but better. There are no vampires in the traditional sense; only Overdeads exist.

Mirta crawls out of her burial vault after dying of a drug overdose with her adrenaline-junkie boyfriend as an accomplice. She may not, however, be the same person her family formerly knew. It may have been tough for some of you to digest the rest of the conclusion after witnessing a suicide on TV. Let us delve a little deeper if the conclusion seems a little hasty.

Don’t Kill Me Plot Synopsis.

On a hilly road, Mirta and her boyfriend Robin are speeding. Robin closes his eyes while driving, pleading with Mirta to tell him to move. They avoid a heavy-duty vehicle thanks to sheer chance and Robin’s cunning. Mirta and Robin go to a junkyard, where Robin warms up a few black tablets. They ingest the drug through their eyes, and the next thing we know, both of them have died from overdosing.


Mirta’s father, Piero, soothes her mother, Amalia, about the morgue tragedy. Piero advised Mirta from mixing with Robin, but Amalia, who seemed to be in shock, couldn’t believe her daughter had died. The plot goes back in time and reconstructs some of Mirta’s past events. She currently escapes her burial vault and finds herself at the neon-lit Dante’s Diner. Mirta sees Robin in the crowd for a brief time, while a man named Mario at the club entices Mirta into hooking up. Meanwhile, something has shifted, and Mirta can sense it as well.

Don't Kill Me Ending Explained
Don’t Kill Me

Mirta notices her hand going black, and she realizes she might need some blood to live. Mirta joins Mario in the car and introduces herself as Luna. Mario interprets Mirta’s name as a reference to her chaotic behavior, although he wasn’t going for a vivacious zombie. Mario dies, and a mysterious man named Luca Bertozzi emerges on Mirta’s doorway in a different occurrence. He claims to be a member of the Benandanti cult. Luca tries to persuade Piero that Mirta could return, despite the fact that she is thought dead.

Don’t Kill Me Ending: Is Mirta Dead or Alive?

Do you want Don’t Kill Me Ending Explained? Mirta is largely dead if we have to pick between dead and alive. Mirta, on the other hand, is “Overdead,” as the film prefers. The Overdeads are formidable creatures that roam the globe after their first death and have been given a sinister new lease on life. These folks cannot die because they are already dead. If you don’t give them fodder — more like blood — they may eventually decay, as Luca Bertozzi later explains. The film embraces its necropolitics or subversion by resurrecting the notion of immortality and vampirism in a new guise.


The fight between life and (over)death is also gendered in the film. Sara and Mirta feel like outcasts every day, even when they aren’t blood-sucking zombies, in a world full of males like Piero (the cheating father), Robin (the manipulating lover), Luca (the authority), and Mario (a sex fiend). As for zombies, however, they reclaim power, as evidenced by Mirta’s decision to change her name to Luna and abandon her prior character.

In the end, Mirta beats upon a room full of Benandanti goons. Mirta eventually sides with Sara, and the two surrogate women form a team against the world. Mirta — or Luna, her undead version — is alive as long as there are bodies to dine on, though the Benandanti may catch up with her later.

How Did Mirta Become an Overdead? Is Robin alive or dead?

We will have the Don’t Kill Me Ending Explained. To cut a long story short, Paolo was a buddy of Robin’s and Ago’s who died in the quarry. Robin would joke that Paolo had been eaten by a vampire, but it turned out that Paolo had become an Overdead. Paolo most likely introduced Robin to the Benandanti cult. He got the drug there and tried it out, turning himself into an Overdead and taking Mirta with him on the voyage to the ungodly realm.


Unlike Mirta, Robin was aware of the consequences of her drug consumption. As a result, Mirta accuses Robin of killing her in the end, siding with Sara and avoiding Robin’s seductive techniques. He is shot in the back by the surviving Benandantis. Although the end of Robin’s fate is unknown, the Benandanti are likely to torture him to death. However, because he is also an Overdead, killing him will be more difficult than it appears on paper.

Is Ago Dead or Alive? Why Does Ago Kill Himself?

Mirta encounters Ago, a dear friend of Robin’s, in the crypt, and after sniffing some cocaine, Ago believes he is hallucinating Mirta. Ago still has a bittersweet emotion for Mirta, a mix of desire and grudge, if you will, despite the fact that Ago and Robin grew apart when Robin met Mirta. Ago, on the other hand, does not act as if he has seen a ghost when he encounters Mirta. When Mirta inquires about Ago’s lack of fear, he responds that he is surrounded by death – hers, Robin’s, and Paolo’s.

Don't Kill Me Ending Explained
Don’t Kill Me

In Ago’s company, the allure of death is too overwhelming. He, like Mirta and the other Overdeads, wants to explore the other side of the entombment. As a result, Ago kisses Mirta and encourages her to consume his blood. Mirta tries to drink from Ago’s neck but then backs out as if a force intervenes to prevent her from carrying out the murder. Ago believes that if Mirta drinks his blood after he is dead, he will also turn into a “zombie.” In a feverish frenzy, he seeks to test his theory, but he does not become an Overdead. We’ve come to the conclusion that Ago is no longer alive.


Who Are The Benandanti?

This includes in Don’t Kill Me Ending Explained. The Benandanti are a quasi-religious cult from the seventeenth century that is attempting to wipe the Overdeads from the face of the earth. They function as a group of covert state police, but they seem like witch hunters. Luca Bertozzi shows up at Mirta’s house sometime after her public death. He is the clan’s spokesperson, and this is far from his final appearance in the film. When Mirta is engaged in draining Suzy’s blood, the Benandanti thugs reappear, this time armed. Despite the fact that Mirta escapes death, Piero dies in the process.

Mirta is later kidnapped from the crypt by a Benandanti agent. Luca enslaves her with a chain, while Mirta is surprised by the arrival of Robin. Mirta walks out to investigate a groaning sound after getting it on with Robin late at night. She witnesses the bunch tormenting Sara and saves her from the goons on her own. The Benandanti, on the other hand, is still loose, and a sequel could be on the way.

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