Donations for Maui Fire: How Can You Aid the Affected?

Many people are in urgent need as a result of the deadly Maui fires. On August 11, 2023, several lives had been lost and a great number of buildings had been damaged.

Both local and international well-wishers are stepping up to offer assistance. Are you unsure of how to participate?

Summary donations for Maui fire

Date of IncidentAugust 11, 2023
Lives Affected36 confirmed deaths, thousands displaced
Notable Organizations Offering ReliefMaui Mutual Aid Fund, Maui United Way, Maui Humane Society, Red Cross Maui
Minimum Online Donation$25 (specific to some platforms)
Ways to DonateOnline platforms, mail, phone, social media awareness, local fundraisers

Grassroot Initiatives

Maui Mutual Aid Fund: An important grassroots effort, this fund concentrates on providing immediate assistance to those impacted by the fires. Whatever the size, every donation matters.


Maui United Way: With a history of assisting local communities, Maui United Way oversees initiatives to offer financial assistance to fire victims.

Animal Care During Crisis

Not only humans have been affected by the fires. Numerous animals have been harmed as well as displaced.
The Maui Humane Society is on the ground making sure these animals get the attention and shelter they need.

Established Organizations at Work

A well-known organization that offers necessities including food, shelter, and emergency supplies is the Red Cross Maui.


The Maui Food Bank works to address food shortages during these difficult times to ensure that nobody goes to bed hungry.

The Maui Salvation Army offers resources and food to individuals in need in addition to spiritual healing.

Donating from Afar?

not able to help physically? Not to worry. Online donation alternatives are provided by numerous organizations, including those mentioned above. Another successful strategy? By using social media to spread the news, a larger audience will be reached.


Maui Strong Fund: A Beacon of Hope

The Maui Strong Fund, managed by the Hawaii Community Foundation, is emerging as a ray of optimism. Your support will have a big impact on victims who have lost their homes or their means of support.

Community: Maui’s Pillar of Strength

Even though the fires left a path of destruction in their wake, the Maui community’s spirit has not wavered. Their tenacity and cohesion in the face of such adversity inspires us all.

In conclusion, every little deed matters. Your contributions, whether monetary or in the form of word-of-mouth promotion, can considerably help the Maui fire victims rebuild their lives.


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