Does Esther Die in Sanditon? Theories

‘Sanditon’ is a period drama TV series based on Jane Austen’s unfinished novel of the same name. Andrew Davies adapted it for the small screen, and it follows Charlotte Heywood, a young woman who spends the summer in the namesake beach resort town. There, she gradually becomes friends with the locals and learns about their terrible secrets. While Charlotte is dealing with love and heartbreak, the other inhabitants are dealing with their own inner demons and tangled familial ties.

Esther Denham, for example, is torn between her scandalous relationship with her step-brother Edward and gaining her share of her aunt’s estate. She initially backs him up in his nefarious machinations, but she eventually decides to marry Lord Babington. Edward, on the other hand, is not easily defeated and determines to seek vengeance on Esther. Will she succumb to his nefarious schemes or will she be able to escape? Let’s look into it more.

Does Esther Die?

Esther is introduced in Season 1 as a cold and uncaring woman who is frequently duped by her step-brother Edward into defrauding their aunt Lady Denham for money. When the old widow prefers her distant niece Clara over them, Edward joins forces with her to take the entire property. Esther is heartbroken because she loves Edward unrequitedly and had bought into his lies about a future together.


Fortunately, Esther alerts her aunt about Edward and Clara’s schemes in time, and they are exiled. Lord Babington, a kind-hearted and affluent man who adores her, marries her blissfully. However, tragedy soon befalls the newlyweds when Esther suffers a miscarriage and the doctor warns her that she may never be able to conceive again. In season 2, she is depressed and spends the summer with her aunt in Sanditon. Edward reappears as a soldier with his regiment, claiming to be a reformed man, much to everyone’s surprise.

Clara shows up uninvited later and announces that she is pregnant with his child. Esther despises them because of their past acts, but Lady Denham reluctantly takes her in and forgives her nephew. Clara’s child, on the other hand, reminds her of their treachery, and she refuses to trust them both again. Esther, on the other hand, is desperate to have a kid and will try any method to conceive.


Edward has not changed at all, and he begins scheming his revenge on Esther by intercepting her husband’s letters whenever they arrive, as planned. This gives her the impression that Lord Babington is planning to forsake her since she is unable to bear children, and she begins to be concerned. Clara goes into labour soon after, and Esther is compelled to assist her in giving birth because no one else is available. Despite her disdain, the latter develops a maternal relationship with the baby child, George.

Edward manipulates Clara once more, telling her to help him in destroying Esther’s life for the sake of their child’s future. Clara, on the other hand, feels difficult to agree because Esther has been so helpful in caring for Clara’s baby and has shown faith in her character. Edward, on the other hand, refuses to stop and replaces Esther’s pills with poison. The poison gradually damages her senses, and she begins to have hysterical outbursts. Meanwhile, Clara watches helplessly as Edward assures her that it will aid George.


At the same time, Edward tries to persuade Lady Denham that Esther’s family has a history of mental illness, and that she, too, might need to be institutionalised. Lady Denham comes to believe Edward’s claim after Esther unintentionally raises a ruckus at the Parkers’ ball. Furthermore, because Esther’s spouse has not responded, her aunt begins to question her decision to choose her as her heir. As a result, Lady Denham begins to prefer Edward and Clara, and Edward’s schemes begin to show fruit.

Unfortunately, Esther’s health deteriorates with each administration of the poisoned medicine, putting her life in jeopardy. However, Clara is likely to be saved as she begins to despise Edward for his evilness and sees through his schemes to realise that he is only exploiting her and George. Besides, she appreciates her newfound connection with Esther and sympathises with her predicament.

As a result, Clara may decide to stand up for her friend and not allow Edward to take advantage of Esther’s vulnerabilities to harm her. Not only that, but Lady Denham may come to regret her nephew’s harsh deeds and save Esther from an agonising death. To summarise, Esther has a good chance of survival because her altered character has had a beneficial impact on everyone around her, prompting them to protect her.


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