Details Leaked of Qualcomm Snapdragon 1000 For Desktop


Snapdragon 1000

Last month, the Snapdragon 1000 chipset was first discussed. If for some reason you still have not heard of this processor, be aware that it will be especially oriented to computers with the Windows 10 operating system. Today, new information is known.

Previous rumors have already noted that the Snapdragon 1000 would integrate Cortex A76 cores and Cortex A55 cores. Now new information posted on the website revealed that the Snapdragon 1000 development platform, codenamed Project Poipu, was recently detected to work with a few extras such as 16 GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 128 GB of UFS 2.1 storage . It also includes Gigabit WLAN (also available on Snapdragon 850) and a new power management chip.

The TDP meaning Thermal Design Power of the Qualcomm’s new SoC is about 12 watts. This suggests that it will be able to compete with Intel’s U series chipset, which has a TDP of 15 watts. We remember that the higher the TDP, the more stable the processor. So, it looks like the Snapdragon 1000 will be able to guarantee better performance than the Intel Atom and Celeron. It is important to point out that the U series chips are used to bring Ultrabooks to life. Therefore, there is a possibility that the Snapdragon 1000 can power smaller size notebooks.

Snapdragon 1000: Alleged Specifications

The newly released Snapdragon 850 and Snapdragon 845 are 12.4 x 12.4 mm in size. The dimensions of the next Snapdragon 1000 are 20 x 15 mm, which shows that it is slightly larger than the latest Qualcomm chipsets. Despite being a full-size chipset, it is still smaller than Intel’s 15-watt chips, the report said.

Snapdragon 1000
Qualcomm entering PC world

The new report also states that the Snapdragon 1000 will be a chipset that will not be soldered to the motherboard. This is good news as it will allow the user to switch the chip more easily. Recall that up to now Qualcomm is known to sell processors that are soldered to the motherboard.

At the moment there is no information available on the release date of Snapdragon 1000. ASUS may be one of the first companies to launch a PC with the SD1000, as there are rumors that this manufacturer is working on a device called Primus which features the even SoC.

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