Demystifying ICICI Credit Card Application Status and UPI Credit Trends

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) permitted the linking of RuPay credit cards to the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) application in June, a step that emphasizes the democratization of finance. Customers must be aware of their “icici credit card application status” given that ICICI Bank is leading this campaign.

It’s crucial to know how to verify this status, especially given that ICICI Bank typically responds to credit card requests within 21 days. The customer’s financial situation has a significant impact on the outcome, whether acceptance or rejection. Therefore, it is recommended to be precise when completing the application.

Summary of ICICI credit card application status

Key InformationDetails
RBI’s Initiative DateJune
ICICI Processing TimeTypically 21 days
Main DeterminantCustomer’s financial profile
ICICI Bank Application Status Webpage‘Track Your Application Status’
Status Check MethodUsing application number, mobile number, and date of birth

Understanding UPI Now, Pay Later

As its name implies, the “Now, Pay Later” feature of the UPI enables users to obtain credit. Particularly, PayLater accounts from ICICI Bank have a special UPI ID that enables them to connect to the UPI application. Notably, the bank allows a huge credit line with a Rs 50,000 limit.


A revolutionary idea is dedicated UPI IDs, where each PayLater account from ICICI Bank is given a unique UPI identification.

UPI Credit Initiatives by HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank

Given that both HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank provide UPI credit services, the market for these products is highly competitive. The “Rupay forex card” is about to be released, which has sparked discussion about its benefits over conventional credit or debit cards.

However, ICICI’s PayLater option does charge a premium. Prospective clients should be advised that each new application will incur a fee of Rs 199 plus GST.


ICICI Bank’s Credit Card Application Processing

The dedication of ICICI Bank to processing credit card applications is a remarkable feature of its service. They typically need about 21 days. However, it’s critical for applicants to understand that the choice is largely based on their financial situation.

One cannot emphasize caution enough. To increase their chances of getting approved, prospective cardholders are urged to complete their credit card application accurately and completely.

Checking ICICI Credit Card Application Status

There are two main ways provided by ICICI Bank for people interested in tracking their “icici credit card application status”:


By going to the bank’s official website, selecting the ‘credit card’ section, and entering their login information, one can log in.
Alternatively, people can quickly verify the status by having the application number on hand.
Go to the ICICI Bank’s authorized ‘Track Your Application Status’ homepage to start a more thorough process. Enter your mobile number, application number, and birthdate after that. That’s all there is to it.

ICICI Bank’s Convenient Options

ICICI Bank has optimized its online services to make the procedure easier. Customers can either finish an application that is already in progress or go back and finish an older one. There are two main ways to do this: enter your mobile number or authenticate using a One-Time Password (OTP) after entering your date of birth.

Additional Resource for Checking Application Status

For people who want to monitor the progress of their ICICI credit card application, is a useful resource. To view the status, one can go to the website, find the ICICI Bank credit card application status check page, and enter their application number.


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