Date A Live Season 4 Episode 2 Recap and Ending, Explained

‘So Be It! 2D It Is!’ is the title of the second episode of season four of ‘Date A Live.’ Shidou seeks to impress Nia so that she falls in love with him and, with a kiss, he can seal her powers. When many attempts fail, he meets with Ratatoskr, and the two devise a strategy that they believe would be successful. Meanwhile, Kurumi pays Nia a visit in order to obtain some crucial information that could help to reframe humanity’s battle with the Spirits. Here’s all you need to know about the season 4 episode 2 finale of ‘Date A Live.’

Date A Live IV Episode 2 Recap

Shidou chooses to seal Nia’s talents after encountering her on the streets and finding that she is a Spirit who works as a manga artist. However, thanks to her angel, she is already aware of his mission and even goes on a date with him, despite the fact that she has never fallen in love with anybody other than fictitious characters. He disguises himself as one of her favourite manga characters and acts as if he were in front of a lady, taking advantage of her enthusiasm in manga. He initially dazzles her with his playing, but when he kisses Nia, she becomes enraged and chastises him for breaking character.


Shidou then tries to accomplish the same goal with a video game demo, but fails horribly once more. The Ratatoskr had a meeting with him by this time, and they jointly toss out crazy ideas in the hopes of gaining Nia’s heart. Finally, they decide to enter Comico, a manga festival, where they would attempt to sell their own comic featuring Shidou. Nia is then challenged by Ratatoskr to read their work if they sell more copies at the festival than she does. Nia accepts their challenge, despite the fact that she believes they have no chance.

Shidou and Kotori later run into one of Nia’s old acquaintances, who claims that she used to be sociable but that her comic work came first in her life. However, she gradually became chilly and aloof over time, which can be attributed to her natural behaviour based on close observation. Nia’s buddy claims that she has never spoken about any previous friends, leading to the conclusion that she prefers to be a mystery and avoids emotionally involving herself with others.

Meanwhile, the Spirits have already begun work on the manga and have managed to stay motivated in the face of numerous obstacles. Natsumi, the person who first proposed the concept in the meeting, works harder than anybody else in the team and, as a result, contributes the most to the total project. However, she finally passes out while working due to overexertion, leaving the remaining portions to the rest of the team.


The Spirits then devote themselves entirely to festival preparations, believing that this will finally work on Nia. Kurumi Tokisaki pays Nia a visit while others are trying to capture her affection. She begs her to investigate something important with her angel.

Date A Live IV Episode 2 Ending: What is Spirit of Origin? How Does Kurumi Plan to Destroy Her?

Kurumi begs Nia to find out everything she can about the Spirit of Origin and how she can be killed when they meet. She is convinced that, because of her angel’s infinite knowledge of the world, she will ultimately learn the truth. But, before we move on to the Spirit of Origin, it’s important to take a step back and consider the significance of this revelation. When Spirits first appeared, humans either tried to kill them, as the Anti Spirit Team did, or they tried to seal their powers with Shidou, as Ratatoskr did.

However, in the midst of the constant conflict, the question of their roots were lost, and it is of incalculable importance. Kurumi’s question also appears to be an attempt to learn more about the aforementioned paradox, as she looks to desire to end all the agony herself, which explains her aversion to having her powers sealed by Shidou.


All Spirits are produced by the Spirit of Origin, which is an immensely powerful Spirit that is nearly difficult to destroy in a one-on-one encounter, according to Nia’s angel. While the anime does not show the angel telling Kurumi how to defeat her, her later reaction suggests she has figured out a way to get past the Spirit of Origin’s defences. She can influence the conflict in her favour by using her talents that allow her to control time, and based on her confidence, she knows it will work.

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