Come Dance With Me Filming Locations: Where Was The Show Filmed?

Where is Come Dance With Me Filmed? Well, this is the question that is causing people’s minds to whirl these days. So, don’t worry; we’ll answer all of your queries. So, ‘Come Dance With Me,’ hosted by Grammy-winning songwriter Philip Lawrence, is a CBS dance reality show that appeals to individuals of all ages. Talented young dancers from all around the country compete in this one-of-a-kind dancing competition. The participants are paired with family members who have no prior dance experience. Professional choreographers assist the duos in performing stunning dance routines in order to win the $100,000 big prize.

Jenna Dewan, Dexter Mayfield, and Tricia Miranda are the judges for the performances. The series features touching family dynamics as well as outstanding performances. Families who accompany their children to the competition do everything they can to support the young athletes. The competition is hosted on a stunning set that gives the performers the perfect opportunity to wow their audience. Here’s all that you ought to know about where the program is filmed and how you can perhaps be a part of the live audience!

Come Dance With Me Filming Locations

The filming of ‘Come Dance With Me‘ took place in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. According to sources, filming began in late May 2021 and lasted until July 2021. So, let’s get right into the details of the filming locations!


Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is the live location for ‘Come Dance With Me,’ which is located in the Australian state of Victoria. The opportunity to be a part of the studio audience was made available to the general public at no cost. Fans are welcome to attend Docklands Studios Melbourne to join the cheering audience. Docklands’ 476 Docklands Drive houses the city’s largest film and television studio complex. The athletes and crew loved their cross-continental journey and expressed gratitude to the Melbourne residents for their support.

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Melbourne is renowned as Australia’s cultural capital and a popular tourist destination. Furthermore, the city is well-known among filmmakers, who frequently use it as a setting or backdrop in their films. ‘Clickbait’ and ‘Blacklight,’ for example, were both shot in Victoria’s capital. The show was supposed to be produced in Los Angeles, California, but the city had tight regulations in place regarding large gatherings.

The producers wanted the dance series to be filmed in front of a live audience to ensure that the performance was as authentic as possible. As a result, Melbourne was picked due to the city’s minor regulations at the time. It was doing better than many other places throughout the world. Thus most of the protocols were eased. As a result of these factors, the audience was enthralled by the presentation and eager to cheer on the dancing duos.


More About Come Dance With Me:

Come Dance With Me began as a pitch for a new family-oriented dance competition show by Reinout Oerlemans. Chris O’Donnell knew Oerlemans and was reading about the concept while working on set for NCIS: Los Angeles. LL Cool J, O’Donnell’s co-star, heard about it and expressed interest. The two decided to collaborate on the show’s creation. Young dancers collaborate with an untrained adult family member who has supported their dancing training. Each week, the couples learn and execute a dance routine from a variety of dance styles for a panel of judges. To determine which team is eliminated, the two lowest-scoring teams compete in a freestyle dance-off.

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