CBI vs CBI : Randeep Singh Surjewala attacking the Prime Minister Modi on CBI infighting Case

CBI Turf War: Delhi High Court Refuses to Stay Proceedings Against Rakesh Asthana, But Says No Arrest Till Oct 29. FIR is illegal we Linder multiple things, in fact, happening this particular case machine or talking about the petition of Rakesh Asthana for quashing of the FIR in the Delhi High Court was given to understand that a status has been maintained by the Delhi High Court in that particular cases for squashing of the FIR is concerned.

Latest News – CBI internal war: Interim relief for No. 2 Rakesh Asthana, won’t be arrested till Monday.


A couple of political reactions the Congress party just did a Press Conference and Randeep Singh surjewala was the attacking the Prime Minister directly listen to these reactions –

Deprecation, Denigration, Dismantling & Destroying CBI and every other institution is the sole agenda of prime minister Shri Narendra Modi. I have some evidence to place before you and I have some important issues to raise on behalf of my party.

firstly Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is solely accountable and responsible for dismantling denigrating and destroying India’s premier investigating agency that is the CBI. Habitual and perpetual misuse of CBI by PM Modi and BJP President Shri Amit Shah for fixing political opponents and illegal intervention to temper with fare investigation of serious criminal cases has landed the CBI in an unfathomable mess.  eroding its independence and credibility both.


Secondly Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s role in the entire matter is under a cloud the entire nation is looking for a fare, impartial and independent investigation of the serious charges of corruption involving senior most officers of CBI and RAW the Research and Analysis Wing it also needs to be investigated and brought out as to who in the current political dispensation is involved in this entire Saga and is attempting to Shield the accused involved in the matter instead the Prime Minister is illegally and UN constitutionally interfering in the investigation.

Thirdly there are looking suspicions the role of the present political exactive that is the Modi government at the highest level along with the role of senior CBI officers and quaote for you five such instances

1.Where are looking suspicions in the role of the current political exactive that is Modi Government and the CBI officers in putting a lid over the entire Vyapam scam in excel sheet in giving a clean chit to the Madhya Pradesh BJP CM Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan


2. Similar questions have a reason around the 26306 crore Bank loot scam involving Mehul Choksi and Nirav Modi as also the sudden transfer and repatriation from CBI of the joint director of bank securities and fraud cell Mr Rajeev Singh on May 24 2018 at the instance of someone very high up in the current political government that is Modi government

3. Even more intriguing was the sudden an abrupt transfer of three more officers miss Mina Singh Joint director special crimes and repatriation of two senior CBI officers Sri Anish Prasad DIG and Sri Gopala Krishna Rao SP all of whom were investigating who Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi was also they were investigating the infamous Ryan School murder case and the Shimla rape case on cve which serious allegations leveled by the then BJP unit on the Congress government.

4. there are continued doubts on the role of a CBI officer in the Godhra SIT was then brought to the CBI was it a Quid Pro Quo is a question that needs to be the answer


5. on 4 August 2018 the entire country was deeply dismayed when is senior CBI officer was seen chatting and shaking hand with the absconder Vijay Mallya in a British court in London

6. even more astonishing is the fact that when a senior officer presently posted in the Prime Minister’s office was alleged to have culpability in the Coal Scam someone in the political hierarchy  pulled the levels of CBI to make him a witness instead of an accused the variety of the serious allegations were never investigated and were in fact worried.

I have given you 6 important instances has to how CBI investigation zorbing trampled with tempered with destroyed and generated by those in the sitting in the occurrence of power and many such instances can be multiplied 


CBR is not the only institution decimated and dismantled by political design subserve as the dirty tricks department of the Bharatiya Janata Party by the current ruling Elite particularly Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi where is a systematic pattern to verify disband and destroy every institution be in the enforcement directorate be the Income Tax Department be the cbdt did the SF IOB in the end or other such institutions that are being used as captive puppet and have been converted as dirty tricks department of BJP rather than serving the people of this country.

  • A case in point is the repeated extensions been given to the chairman of cbdt post retirement by the Prime Minister .
  • a case in point was the repeated extensions given to NIA Chief despite expiry of the tenure in the past
  • another case in point is the temporary appointment of director ED and then keeping is extension pending in the PMO where it remains as on date

all these are meant to do what some word subjugate suppress and serve at the wings of prime minister in the BJP .

Three questions to the Prime Minister


why did Prime Minister called the head of the CBI as also the head of Research and Analysis Wing yesterday at his residence was it too was it to influence the ongoing corruption investigation against CBI and raw officers what instructions did the Prime Minister give to the chief of CBI and Chief of RAW query is ongoing investigation does it not stent amount to illegal and unconstitutional interference in ongoing pending investigation by the head of the state less than the prime minister himself and may I remind Once Upon a Time in law minister had only ask the CBI director to show the affidavit to be submitted in the supreme court BJP Mr Jaitley , Sushma Swaraj average and others had demanded short and paralyze the Parliament and short resignation.

what is the Prime Minister doing calling the head of CBI and raw to influence ongoing corruption investigation against the highest ranking officials of CBI and RAW.  is it his prerogative? is it not a patent illegality and unconstitutionality being committed by none less than the person heading this government the Prime Minister of India.

the second question is in the role of CVC itself under a cloud in this entire Saga? why is the CVC shining away from undertaking is statutory duties and obligation to act in partially and decisively to punished the cases of corruption? why is it silent on the material being placed before it is the CVC also been given instructions from someone at the highest level in the political dispensation? It is a simple question that needs to be asked.


thirdly lastly but not the least isn’t the Prime Minister systematically demolishing the entire independent architecture of all premier investigating Agencies including the CBI the serious fraud investigation, ED, SFIO, CBDT, NIA, Income Tax Department and others? The Central Board of Direct taxes the inner ear the National Investigation Agency and the income tax department does it board well for India is a question that needs to be asked.

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