Brian Kendrick’s Net Worth: Professional Career And Earning

What is Brian Kendrick’s Net Worth? Brian Kendrick has been making waves recently after his AEW debut was postponed to February 2nd. On Dynamite, Kendrick was scheduled to fight Jon Moxley; however, AEW President Tony Khan declared that the match would be canceled. On social media, the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion’s inflammatory comments from a few years ago were once again brought to light. The Illuminati, Jews, and Zionists were all mentioned in the comments. Kendrick has been in the ring since October 1999, when he made his professional debut. Throughout his career, he has worked for WWE on four occasions. His first stay was on a developmental contract in 2002 before he was released.

Who is WWE wrestler Brian Kendrick?

Who is WWE wrestler Brian Kendrick? Kendrick was born in Virginia, but his family moved to Olympia, Washington, when he was a child. Brian wanted to wrestle since he was a kid, so he skipped college and focused on training. Kendrick enrolled in Shawn Michaels Wrestling School, a well-known wrestling development program. Daniel Bryan, “Maverick” Matt Bentley, and the late Lance Cade are among the alumni. Kendrick has competed in nearly 400 professional wrestling matches, winning 208 and losing 265, according to the Internet Wrestling Database.

    Brian Kendrick Net WorthBrian Kendrick

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Is Brian Kendrick married?

Taylor Matheny, a retired wrestler, is Kendrick’s wife. Matheny was a professional wrestler for two years until retiring from the sport in 2003. Since 2008, the couple has been married. They don’t have any children together. Unlike many of his fellow wrestlers, Kendrick has no visible tattoos on his arms or chest.

What Is Brian Kendrick’s Net Worth?

What is Brian Kendrick’s Net Worth? Kendrick was a member of a World Tag Team Championship-winning duo. For numerous years, he was paired with fellow wrestler and Shawn Michaels Wrestling School alumni Paul London. Brian Kendrick has a net worth of $4 million dollars. Kendrick has appeared on reality shows and was a participant in The Price is Right in the past.

Brian Kendrick, a veteran pro wrestler, apologized on Wednesday after offensive remarks he made about the Holocaust, 9/11, and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting resurfaced. Kendrick apologized on Twitter, calling his remarks “vile” and emphasizing that the things he expressed “never were” his genuine beliefs:


Kendrick has been a professional wrestler since 1999, and his tenures with WWE from 2003 to 2004, 2005 to 2008, and 2016 to 2022 are possibly his most well-known. For much of 2006, he was a WWE and global tag team champion with Paul London, and during his most recent WWE stint, he held the Cruiserweight Championship after competing in the Cruiserweight Classic tournament. Kendrick has also held the TNA X-Division title and has worked for Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

Brian Kendrick Net Worth
Brian Kendrick

Brian Kendrick Stint With WWE:

Kendrick had previously worked as a producer for WWE NXT and 205 Live. Since 2020, he hasn’t wrestled. He joined the WWE Performance Center as a trainer in 2014. He made his comeback to television in 2016 with the Cruiserweight Classic, and he was a mainstay on the 205 Live rosters until transitioning to a producer role with NXT. After being harshly thrown down a flight of stairs by Harland in December, he nearly returned to action on NXT 2.0, but the angle was canceled a week later. Brian Kendrick held one version of the WWE Tag Team titles, a version of the World Tag Team titles, and, once it was revived in 2016, the WWE Cruiserweight title.

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