Black Clover Chapter 324 Release Date: Spoilers And More!

When is Black Clover Chapter 324 Release Date? Readers have been anticipating Black Clover Chapter 324 since the foreshadowing of Yami and Nacht’s collaboration. The conflict with Lucifero has taken an exciting turn since the Black Bulls reappeared on the scene. Despite the fact that Noelle did not appear in Chapter 323, fans are hoping to see her again soon. Black Clover will stick to its weekly routine this week because there is no break. So, in this essay, we’ll go over everything about Black Clover in chapter 324.

Black Clover Chapter 324 Release Date:

When is Black Clover Chapter 324 Release Date? Black Clover Chapter 324 will officially be released on Sunday, February 20, 2022, at the following international times: Manga Plus has informed its readers that Black Clover Chapter 324 will be officially released on Sunday, February 20 at the following international times:

1. Pacific Time: 7:00 am


2. Central Time: 9:00 am

3. Eastern Time: 10:00 am

4. British Time: 3:00 pm


5. Central European Time: 4:00 pm

6. Indian Standard Time: 8:30 pm

7. Philippine Time: 11:00 pm, February 21


8. Australian central time: 12:30 am, February 21

Black Clover Chapter 324
Black Clover Chapter 324

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Where To Read Black Clover Chapter 324?

Black Clover Chapter 324 will be available for free on Manga Plus and Viz, as well as the official Shonen Jump app after its official release. On all of these platforms, however, just the last three chapters are available for free reading. To access the whole Black Clover library, you must pay the price.


Black Clover Chapter 323 Recap:

Partners are the title of Black Clover Chapter 323. It begins with a flashback of Yami’s rescue by the Black Bulls. Grey used Mimosa’s magic to mend Yami, and he soon found his physique resembled Liebe’s (because it is ruined but filled with mana). Because he lacks a grimoire, William appears with Langris and Patry, who are unable to battle. Because only Yami still had the ability to battle, William gathered all of his mana and utilized his World Tree Magic to create the Sword of Misteltein. Yami hadn’t forgiven William yet, but she had accepted him back as a friend.

In the present, Lucifero recognizes Yami’s use of evil magic right away. Lucifero punched Yami and Nacht away and attempted to attack Asta, but Zora, Secret, and Rouge stopped him. To combat Lucifero, they used a mixture of ‘Secret Counter Trap Magic’ and ‘Mana Method: Sealing Magic.’ Nacht urged Yami to quit sheltering him since he was filled with self-hatred and shame. Morgen, on the other hand, thought Morgen and Nacht were similar in nature and would make wonderful companions. Morgen would want his twin to live and save others, Yami informed Nacht, because friends defend one other. Nacht stood up, moved by his words, as he and Yami prepared to face the Kind of Devils.

What To Expect From Chapter 324?

The arrival of the rest of the squad may be expected, with five members of the Black Bulls already fighting Lucifero. Noelle, in particular, has been missed by fans in recent chapters, and her return in Black Clover Chapter 324 is eagerly anticipated. Yuno’s and Mereoleona’s whereabouts are unknown. Except for William, the rest of the captains have yet to return to the battlefield. Readers can expect more similar combinations in the future, thanks to Secre and Zora uniting their talents.

Black Clover Chapter 324
Black Clover Chapter 324

The purpose of Adrammelech is unknown, as is the status of the Qliphoth channel. The devil-hosts’ prowess cannot be overlooked with Secre, Nacht, and Asta on the field. If Grey’s deduction is right, Yami could be a devil or a devil host in Black Clover Chapter 324. It remains to be noticed whether their combined attacks will have any effect on Lucifero.

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