Bhramam Movie Review & Rating: Soul Lost Remake; ‘Illusion’ Review

Bhramam Movie Review & Rating: Prithviraj plays the role of Ray Mathew. Prithviraj has tried his best to do justice to the character

Bhramam Movie Review & Rating: Andhadhoon is a Bollywood movie that has amazed the audience with its twists and turns. The novelty of the story and the treatment and the brilliant performance of the actors made Andhadhoon a huge success. The film won three National Awards for Best Feature Film, Best Actor and Best Screenplay.

The film, which is a dark comedy and suspense thriller, introduces the characters in gray shades. The film has also been instrumental in raising the stardom of actor Ayushman Khurana in Bollywood.


Ever since the news came that Andhadhoon is also getting a remake in Malayalam, the Malayalam cinema audience has been eagerly waiting for ‘Bhramath’. The wait is over and ‘Illusion’ is set to release on Amazon Prime.

‘Illusion’ tells the life story of pianist Ray Mathews. The story is set in Fort Kochi. Ray Mathews’ address in the city is Blind Pianist. But blindness is a mask he wears himself. He is making the most of the sympathy, facilities and opportunities available to the blind man. His dream is to earn money and fly to Europe, where he can build a new life.

An old movie star who is attracted to pianist Ray Mathew invites Rain to his flat to give his wife a surprise. There, Ray accidentally witnesses a crime, and then a triumph of problems in Ray’s life. That ‘connect game’, which he thought was completely innocent, becomes the biggest challenge in front of him.


Prithviraj plays the role of Ray Mathew. Prithviraj has tried to do justice to the character in every possible way. However, Prithviraj sometimes loses sight of the handwriting of Ayushman Khurana on the body language of a blind man. Meanwhile, the negative shade character Simi is safe in the hands of Mamta Mohandas. Unni Mukundan is also a full-fledged character in the film. The film also stars Rashi Khanna, Ananya, Sudhir Karamana, Shankar, Jagadish and Sminu Sijo.

Most of the ‘illusion’ is the scenes copied from the original. While the technical aspects and the acting of the actors are excellent, the illusion of being able to do justice to the remake somewhere is failing. The main drawback is that many scenes do not fit in with the environment of Kerala and the cinematic tastes here. Although the director has tried to incorporate humor and humorous approaches in the script to suit the story, it is not good enough.

The film is co-produced by AP International and Viacom 18 Studios. The music for the film is composed by Jakes Bijou with lyrics by Joy Paul. Jakes’ songs are in tune with the plot.


‘Bhramam’ is a film that gives a good cinematic experience to those who have not seen ‘Andhadhoon’. But those who have seen the original ‘illusion’ may be disappointed. Because what is lost in the ‘illusion’ is the very soul of the ‘blind man’.

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