Ivan Rakitic was active and enterprising in the first part, and then his rhythm dropped

Gerard Pique appeared on all sports headlines in Spain on Saturday morning. His words exude defeatism:
– It will be very difficult to win the title, because it is no longer up to us. I see that Real Madrid will hardly lose any points, judging by the first two rounds of the sequel.

Barcelona had everything in their hands, with an advantage over their fiercest rival, they created the La Liga final on their own, but in Seville they played only 0: 0 and the Royal Club took control. If he gets Real Sociedad on Anoeta today he jumps to first place, albeit with the same number of points. Madrid have a pleasant schedule and great chances that they will not drop the top until the end. They are better in mutual meetings, in case they end up leveling the points, they raise the cup.


But the media in Pique’s statement primarily recognizes the irony, that “seeing that Real will lose hard” goes to the judges. VAR decisions recognized Benzema’s goal against Eibar, and canceled Rodrigo Moreno for Valencia, with which the Bats would take a 1-0 lead in Valdebebas. The theme is the same – the hinterland! In football suspicion and conspiracy theory has never been lacking, in Barcelona some no longer trust VAR. Madrid portals, which have long had him at the peak as a supporter of Catalonia’s independence, have sarcastically responded to his, as they characterize, insinuations. In the style: “When they don’t get sobs, but this time he came across deaf ears.”

In the current season, they took 22 of 45 points away and that is, after all, Barcelona’s biggest problem. They have won in just 6 of 15 games, while at Camp Nou they have a performance of 43 out of 45 points.
“I have a feeling we lost two points because we were better,” Pique said.

Barca acted dangerous only for the first half hour, sterilized in the second half. The host applied a tried and tested recipe to Messi, removed him from the goal, blocked the zone, but Luis Suarez was also well guarded. Sevilla played concentrated in defense, and the Catalans again did not have players who would use the opponent’s focus on their two main aces. Ivan Rakitic was active and enterprising in the first part, and then his rhythm dropped. He stayed on the field until the 88th minute.


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