‘Bambai Meri Jaan’ Season 2 Release Date: Is It Renewed Or Canceled? What Can We Expect Next?

‘Bambai Meri Jaan’ Season 2 Release Date – Bambai Meri Jaan, the newest Prime Video original, is more than just a time-traveling drama. The drama tells the story of a dysfunctional family. Throughout the 10 episodes, Ismail Kadri’s children and he have held opposing views on how people should live their lives. Ismail prioritized his self-respect and insisted on being truthful. Dara Kadri and his siblings have an obsession with material wealth and power. The stories of various Mumbai-based gangsters and their ascent to power are followed in the first season of Bambai Meri Jaan. The most impressive aspect of the show is how Dara Kadri rose to prominence in the city quickly during the height of the dominance of criminals like Haji, Pathan, and Anna.

The television show walks viewers through the events that lead to a conflict between Dara and Pathan’s gang. When Dara executed every person accountable for the killing of his older brother Saadiq, a slaughter that claimed the lives of numerous people connected to these gangsters came to an end. Dara and his gang killed Pathan at the end of the first season. With the help of Chhota Babban, who joined the “D Company,” Pathan was found and Raiszada was killed. They had teamed up to murder Saadiq. In a short time, Chhota Babban was able to persuade Dara’s family of his reliability.

After Pathan’s passing, the gang battles broke out, forcing Dara and his group to flee the country and go to Dubai. Assistant Commissioner Malik, who is their lone buddy in the Bombay Police Department, informed them about the warrant issued in Dara’s name. He and his immediate group had plenty of time to depart the city and possibly never return. Ismail, Dara’s father, is opposed to leaving their homeland. Sakina, Dara’s mother, and his wife both made the decision to remain. Dara’s vicious younger sister Habiba also makes the decision to remain behind to care for her elderly parents.


Bambai Meri Jaan Season 2 Release Date  – July 2024

Habiba continues to carry out the revenge by finding Haroon in Gujarat and ruthlessly murdering him with the intention of running the “D Company” without her brother. Dara has Haji’s blessing because the elder believes that the young man will grow into the city’s next major gangster. Haji never felt threatened by the boy and only had admiration for him.

The second season of this historical drama has not yet been revealed by Bambai Meri Jaan’s creators or the streaming service Amazon Prime Video. We think his story is far from over because it is based on one of the most notorious villains in history. Many individuals who watch the program are aware that these characters are based on real persons and the evil deeds they have perpetrated over the past three decades. The audience would be curious to learn more about their criminal lifestyle.


The sole purpose of this article is to speculate, with the expectation that a second season will be revealed by the end of the year or early in the following one. The following are some of the plots and occasions we would like the filmmakers to include: Understanding these stories through Ismail’s perspective will be fascinating.

The existing commercial relationship between Dara’s “D Company” and an Arab businessman from Dubai would continue without incident. He’ll have to tell them that Habiba can manage their operations from Bombay just as well. Dara and his gang will discover ways to hunt for new opportunities and projects to build their business now that they are in this Middle Eastern city. Dara would undoubtedly recognize that working from Dubai will bring him more success and money. His absence from Bombay will make him and his job seem even more mysterious. Dara would always be interested in increasing his influence in Bombay since without it, “D Company” is essentially helpless. Haji, Pathan, was the previous ruler of the city.

As dangerous as her brother, Habiba is. Her persona was modeled after Connie in the Godfather movies. In this instance, Habiba reveres her brother and will never disobey him or his directives. Those who just think Dara is the rule-maker and breaker will initially underestimate her. We’ll get to observe Habiba develop into a capable decision-maker in season two. Dara has always respected mom and had faith in the choices she had made for the family. She wouldn’t defy him, and Dara will make sure to keep her informed at all times. Like the past gangsters, the pair will run the city and establish a parallel government.


By the end of the first season, Haji was still alive. We are aware that he played a minor role in Dara’s emergence as a strongman. Dara was his enemy, yet Haji never wanted him to perish. Dara gave him his respects and then departed for Dubai. We anticipate that the two will keep in touch via email and that Dara will occasionally ask for his opinion on things pertaining to the company. This will be Haji’s final appearance on television. Like the real mobster he is based on, his character will pass away. Despite the destruction he wreaked on the city while he was at the height of his power, we predict Haji will die peacefully.

Another gangster with a false name who lost the most of his real business during the 1993 Bombay riots will also be introduced in the second season. Numerous bomb explosions caused by this riot resulted in thousands of fatalities. The audience would want to know what role Dara and his men played in this. It will be intriguing to watch this man develop into a terrorist on the most wanted list. Ismail, his father, will have a lot to say about his son’s development into a murderous individual. The upcoming season will also cover Dara’s foray into match-fixing and his aim to dominate the Hindi cinema business. It will be ironic to watch this side story develop.

Dara will probably have to leave Dubai as well in the end. Because of his involvement in the Bombay bombs, we assume that his life in Dubai would become challenging to maintain. His right-hand guy, Chhota Babban, will soon take that position, and it will be intriguing to witness how their relationship develops over time. There will undoubtedly be disagreements, which might result in the formation of two groups in the city. There will likely be an attempt on Dara’s life since Chhota Babban might become too strong for him.


The Bombay Police would need to devise a foolproof strategy to put an end to the gang fights amidst the mayhem. They had intended to capture Dara, but since he’s on the run, they’ll need to come up with another strategy to ensure that no innocent bystanders are ever caught in the crossfire.

The first season introduced a large number of people, thus the second season will be more substantial and pick up all of their storylines where the first left off. Greater and more difficult issues than those they encountered in Bombay will need to be solved by Dara and his group. Hopefully, the upcoming season will cover all of these events as well as many more involving the “D Company.” Dara and his crew will undoubtedly go down in history, but not for the right reasons. Bambai Meri Jaan’s authors did a fantastic job of portraying these individuals in a way that was both captivating and genuine. Viewers are clamoring for a second season thanks to this compelling story. They will be able to comprehend the gangsters’ political views as a result.


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