Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 28 Recap & Ending Explained: What Made Eren Abandon Peace And Go Ahead With His Extermination Plan?

Do you want Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 28 Recap & Ending Explained? Season 4, Episode 28 of ‘Attack on Titan,’ titled ‘The Dawn of Humanity,’ follows Mikasa as she reflects on the previous/past and wonders what may have caused Eren’s unexpected change of heart following the obsolete victory in the return to the Shignashina arc. She finally regrets not telling him how she felt when she had the chance, and she bears some responsibility for the tragic events that have put numerous lives in jeopardy. Here’s everything you need to know about season 4, episode 28 of ‘Attack on Titan.’

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 28 Recap

Do you want Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 28 Recap & Ending Explained? Mikasa and her friends travel to Odiha after General Magath and Keith Shadis risk their life to destroy the Marleyan Cruiser pursuing their allies. Mikasa spends some time alone after an incident with Annie, who challenges her desire to stop Eren, wondering whether her lifelong friend was ever on the side of the greater good. Eren, she believes, has always sought to help people, but she can’t reconcile her emotional conclusion with the murderous plan, which goes against Eren’s ideals.

Mikasa remembers the day she and her companions first arrived at a city across the sea, where they discovered what it was like to live a life free of the constant threat of being crushed by Titans. Sasha’s pocketbook is taken by a little boy, and Levi catches him red-handed as they enjoy the various pleasures offered to them. When the crowd gathers to teach the youngster a lesson, Levi and his companions flee with him so that drastic measures are not taken. Eren, who has been quietly watching everything develop, pursues the youngster and eventually finds himself at a tent.

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When Mikasa discovers him, he sees parallels between the destitute people ripped apart by conflict and the Eldians’ way of existence. He also asks Mikasa about his status in her life at present, but he doesn’t get an answer since a nice man from the surrounding camps invites them to a feast. Soon, their pals join them as they eat and drink their problems away, temporarily forgetting about the helpless struggle for survival that they and their people face back at home.

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The ambassador of Hizuru tells them in a meeting with Kiyomi Azumabito that the only way to have their voices heard is to attend the upcoming international summit. She wants Hange to make sure that everyone understands that the Eldians only want peace. However, when the forum is held the next day, Mikasa and her friends are unable to have their views heard, and to make matters worse, the platform becomes the very source of the ideology that they were there to combat.


Meanwhile, in the present, Eren and his army of Colossal Titans are pitted against the planet’s most powerful canons. Unfortunately, they are unable to stop their adversaries, and the fleet of ships is destroyed in a matter of minutes. Eren’s Colossal Titans have landed in the first city they want to attack, and his friends don’t appear to have a chance of catching up to him anytime soon.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 28 Ending Explained

Do you want Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 28 Recap & Ending Explained? When Eren and his friends initially arrived in a faraway country to promote peace negotiations, they hoped that they would be able to accomplish the seemingly impossible without causing unnecessary violence. Eren, on the other hand, appeared to be on the verge of abandoning his dreams for a peaceful end to the centuries-old struggle at this point. However, if Kiyomi Azumabito’s suggestion had worked as intended, things might have turned out differently.

One of the speakers at the worldwide event where Eren and his pals were speaking gave an emotional statement about the dire need to provide relief to displaced Subjects of Ymir refugees who do not share the Eldian Empire’s destructive philosophy. Furthermore, he stated that the Eldians compelled these people to inbreed, and that the only people who deserve to be hated are the vile devils that live on Paradis Island.


The emotional appeal was not ignored, as the audience at the worldwide gathering cheered the speech, indirectly endorsing the hatred directed at the Eldians. While it was disappointing for Hange and others, none of them attempted to publicly oppose the openly given hate speech. Eren, who has been watching everything with rapt attention, chooses to leave the forum without his friends.

As a result, Eren’s expectations for a peaceful end to the dispute were likely dealt the fatal blow by the international forum. He sent a message for his pals and vanished shortly after, not to be seen again until the Liberio arc raid. Meanwhile, he planned to utilise Zeke to gain the abilities of the Founding Titan so that he could exterminate everyone outside of Paradis Island.

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What Does Eren Plan to Achieve By Executing His Genocidal Idea?

Eren’s genocidal scheme is personal as well as historical. He reveals the latter while explaining Historia what he has set out to do. Eren clearly has a thorough grasp of the centuries-long battle that has resulted in the deaths of countless innocent people as a result of obtaining his father’s memories. After a thorough examination of the complex past, he comes to the conclusion that the only way to break the cycle of revenge-fueled hatred is to destroy the civilizations and histories that caused the problem in the first place. While it is possible to argue that such extreme conclusions are incorrect, Eren is a firm believer in them.


Although this essentially closes his historical grasp of the problem and its solution, it is important noting that the anti-hero has often said that his acts are motivated by emotion. He hopes that by committing the heinous crime of genocide, his companions would finally be able to enjoy long and happy lives. To summarise, Eren intends to wipe off entire civilizations in order to give the planet a fresh start and break the cycle of vengeance while also hoping that his buddies would find happiness amid the devastation.

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