Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 25 Recap and Ending Explained!

Do you want to know Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 25 Recap? The battle amongst characters involved in the anti-Eren revolt is the focus of ‘Attack on Titan’ season 4 episode 25 titled ‘Night of the End.’ While Jean is torn between his genuine yearning for a quiet life and the harsh realities of the world, Mikasa is battling emotionally as the day to confront Eren and, perhaps, put an end to his genocidal scheme approaches. Unfortunately, the Marlyeans and Eldians’ old animosity is still affecting their current partnership as they strive to work out their differences. Here’s everything mentioned you need to know about the season 4 episode 25 of ‘Attack on Titan.’

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 25 Recap

Do you want to know Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 25 Recap? The Eldians and Marleyans who have joined hands to stop Eren from carrying out his murderous intentions having dinner together somewhere in the bush after successfully rescuing Jean, Yelena, and Onyankopon from the Yaegerists. Hange had discussed the current situation with Jean and Mikasa at some point before. While the latter promises to assist her in convincing Eren not to commit the unfathomable, the former has concerns. However, as Hange reminds him of the sacrifices made by her fallen companions, he accepts to join the plot.

Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 25
Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 25

The Eldians and Marleyans who have joined hands for the same goal appear uneasy about working alongside their sworn rivals right before they have supper together. Hange is questioned by General Magath about her abrupt change of heart, and he also reveals his hatred for the Eldians, whom he continues to refer to as Devils. He is confident that he and the Marleyans were correct about the inhabitants on Paradis Island all along. Jean, outraged by Magath’s harsh remarks, claims that his people were simply defending themselves against many Titans dispatched by Magath’s government to destroy the Eldians.


Unfortunately, Magath seems unconcerned about Jean’s arguments and instead brings up Ymir’s 2,000-year-old history of warfare and slaughter. Hange tries to de-escalate the situation by stating that conversations about the past are rendered irrelevant by current events, but the emotional divides are simply reinforced in subsequent debates. The Eldians and Marleyans are reminded of their horrific acts by Yelena, who has been secretly listening to the entire debate.

When the possessor of the Armored Titan admits something about his background, the conversations quickly spiral out of control, culminating in a savage beatdown of Reiner by Jean. Gabi saves the day by interjecting and calming the situation by apologising to Jean, who then comes to his senses and walks away. The next day, he wakes Gabi and Reiner up as the anti-Eren revolt marches towards the harbour. However, the Cart Titan stops them on their journey and warns them that the harbour is occupied by the Yeagerists.

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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 25 Ending: What Moves Gabi to Apologize to Him? Why Did Jean Beat Up Reiner? 

When Yelena presses Jean to learn more about his friend Marco’s death and discover the truth for himself, Annie admits that she took away his Vertical Maneuver Gear, and a Titan ate him as a result. Reiner intervenes and claims that she was simply obeying his directions, preventing her from taking full responsibility for the incident. The Armored Titan’s holder reveals that he was forced to take such harsh measures since Marco overheard him conversing with Bertolt.

Reiner was overcome with guilt after that occurrence, despite the fact that he felt it was the only way to protect their secret. Even though Jean appears to be in control after discovering the truth about his friends’ deaths, he lunges on Reiner and punches him in the face despite his teammates’ attempts to stop him. However, when he attacks Gabi, who holds Reiner to shield him from Jean’s harsh blows, he comes to his senses. She then apologises to him, remembering that the people she has fought beside and for have caused harm to others.

Gabi has demonstrated a fantastic knowledge of the entire dispute since she was inspired by Sasha’s family’s kindness. It shows in her heartfelt remorse to Jean, as she understands that hatred must lead to the deaths of numerous innocent people. Jean is soon calmed down and even apologises to Gabi the next morning, thanks to her mature intervention.


Does Yelena Come From a Small Nation Annexed by Marley? Why Did She Lie About Her Past?

Yelena had told her friends that she is from a little nation that Marley conquered when she joined hands with Eren and Zeke to implement the Euthanasia plan and put an end to the strife that had resulted in countless deaths over the period of two thousand years. Throughout the novel, however, her accusations were never put to the test.

Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 25
Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 25

General Magath and Pieck, it turns out, ran some background checks on Yelena and discovered the awful truth about her. Despite her assertions, she was born into a regular Marley family and was never a victim of the country’s colonial ambitions. Indeed, Yelena concocted the entire tale in order to blend in with her new colleagues while working beside Zeke.

Her admiration for Zeke reveals the reasons for her lies, and it appears that following her disappointment with Marley, Yelena found purpose in his objective of ending the Great War. As a result, she tried everything she could to get to work with Zeke and assist him in achieving his version of the solution to the Eldian and Marley situation, including lying.


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