Are Love Is Blind Japan Couples Still Together? Is “Love Is Blind: Japan” Real Or Scripted?

Are Love Is Blind Japan Couples Still Together? Love Is Blind, a Netflix series, has begun to release regional editions, including a Japanese version. As a result, people are curious as to whether Love Is Blind Japan couples are still together. Continue reading to learn more about the show, and the Love Is Blind Japan Couples Still Together. But first, let’s reveal some facts about it.

Love is Blind: Japan’ is a dating show that follows a group of individuals as they try to discover their true love without ever meeting them. It basically looks at the idea of falling in love with someone based solely on their personality in order to answer the intriguing question of whether emotional bonds can actually outweigh physical attraction. Because the nature of the show is intimate in and of itself, we’ve got the inside scoop on how much of it is genuine – if any at all.

Who Is Still Together In Love Is Blind Japan?

Are Love Is Blind Japan Couples Still Together? Lets find it out.


1. Mori And Minami

Mori, who is 37 years old, never imagined marrying and dedicating his life to someone. On the other side, his role in Love Is Blind Japan was eye-opening, and it was love at first sight for Mori, who couldn’t take his gaze away from Minami. Making it both ways, Minami returned the same amount of enthusiasm, and as a result, this partnership progressed from a jittery first meeting to a performance full of memorable moments. Mori isn’t on any social media platforms right now, so there’s no way to know if they’re still dating by following Minami’s Instagram.

Are Love Is Blind Japan Couples Still Together
Love Is Blind: Japan

2. Shuntaro And Ayano

Shuntaro’s previous love life was tragic, as the person he believed to be his soulmate died, and he has struggled to fall in love with anybody else since. Putting the past behind him, his choice to star in Love Is Blind Japan reintroduced love into his life. On the show, he met Ayano, and the two became increasingly attracted to each other. While this couple’s love story began on a reality show, you might be surprised to find that Shuntaro got down on one knee and proposed to Ayano after the show concluded.

3. Yudai And Nana

Nana’s joyful and lovely demeanor inspired her to try to win Yudai’s attention. Yudai and Nana are one of the Love Is Blind Japan couples that began interacting with one another to begin their new journey. Despite everyone’s inane comments, this couple was surrounded by criticism for their love life due to their eight-year age gap. However, society’s rules had no influence on them, and Yudai and Nana are still happily together.


4. Nanako And Odacchi

Odacchi, a professional comedian, undoubtedly lured Nanako’s heart with his sense of humor, and by uncovering her heart via massive laughter, a large number of fans watching Love Is Blind Japan sent this specific couple. Odacchi informed Nanako about his past divorced relationship by showering her with unconditional love and trust.

Is Love is Blind: Japan Scripted?

The entire ‘Love is Blind’ franchise has been advertised as unscripted from the start, implying that the Japanese version is neither manufactured nor manipulated in any way. To put it away, while there is a lot of planning that goes into ensuring pure entertainment, no cast members are given any orders or pre-written lines that would make them anything other than who they are in front of the cameras. Yes, because of the huge resources required to put together such a series, the producers have an influence on how things flow, but the emotions depicted are still genuine.

Are Love Is Blind Japan Couples Still Together
Love Is Blind: Japan

More About Love Is Blind Japan:

Netflix’s Love Is Blind is a well-known reality dating show about blind people. On February 13th, 2020, the show premiered for the first time. In the same way that Married At First Sight does not enable the partners to see each other at first, the show has been compared to it. The Bachelor has been compared to the show. The show was given a second and third season renewal. The show has also been adapted into a Brazilian version.


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