Are Colin and Martina Still Together? From Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Are Colin and Martina Still Together? Since its premiere in 2020, Bravo’s ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ has kept fans riveted. The reality TV series, which is a spin-off of ‘Below Deck,’ chronicles the life of the crew members aboard the Parsifal III, a 177-foot superyacht, over various charter seasons around the world. It also gives a glimpse into the crew members’ interpersonal interactions as well as the professional hurdles they confront while on the job.

Fans have always been intrigued by the fiery crew romances, group conflict, and strange guests, which have led to a number of unique relationships on the show. Chief engineer Colin MacRae and his girlfriend Martina Alvarez are among them, have become the buzz of the town since his arrival in season 2 of the show. Everyone wants to know how the lovely couple is doing right now. Let’s see what they’ve been up to.

Colin and Martina’s Below Deck Sailing Yacht Journey

Colin MacRae was born and reared in Auckland, New Zealand, and has a long career in the yachting industry. He relocated to Panama after working as a Chief Engineer on various superyachts for 13 years, when he purchased and rebuilt a lagoon catamaran. Colin and Martina Alvarez, an Argentinian scuba diving instructor and environmental journalist, began dating “essentially when the virus started” wreaking havoc, implying that they were dating before appearing on season 2 of “Below Deck Sailing Yacht” in 2021.

Are Colin and Martina Still Together
Colin and Martina

Colin and Martina lived together in Panama and traveled extensively for Parlay post repairs all over the world. In August 2020, he joined the Parsifal III crew in Croatia, and the two began a long-distance relationship. Colin avoided any squabbles with his co-stars and stayed steadfastly loyal to Martina. Colin was regularly seen on the show gushing about his girlfriend, and the two kept in touch via phone conversations.

Martina provided Colin with a lot of emotional support, especially following the death of his dog Marty. When Colin was abroad filming season 2, the pooch had been sick for a while and had to be put down. Martina was the one who broke the news to him and became his rock during this difficult period. Colin’s YouTube channel, ‘Reviving Parlay,’ regularly broadcasts vlogs on his catamaran life outside of the show. Martina was a frequent guest in Colin’s videos; however, since late 2020, followers have noted her absence from the vlogs. So the actual question is whether or not the pair have split up.

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Are Colin and Martina Still Together?

Are Colin and Martina Still Together? Colin MacRae and Martina Alvarez are no longer together, sadly. Season 2 filming was completed in late 2020, and they called it quits a few months later. Colin revealed the news of the break-up with a lengthy Instagram post in April 2021, after keeping it under wraps for a while.

“And I’ve always said that being in a relationship, whether it’s a tiny sailboat, a catamaran, or a superyacht, every year is like dog years,” Colin stated in a YouTube vlog on their relationship. “It’s been around seven years.” As a result, all of the highs are amplified. However, all of the lows are amplified. If you have a disagreement or something like that, you have nowhere to go to get away from each other. As a result, it’s always a challenge.”

In addition, the pair endured a number of challenges throughout their one year together, including being struck by lightning, the catamaran being wrecked, and Marty’s death. Colin further indicated that his busy schedule with the YouTube videos and the show prevented him from spending enough time with Martina, generating more issues. Furthermore, he believed that the show’s environment was inappropriate for their long-distance relationship. As a result, they decided to split ways peacefully after doing everything they could to keep the relationship alive. Colin, on the other hand, wished Martina the best and expressed gratitude for their shared experiences.


What Are They Doing Now?

Martina is currently focused on her profession and frequently writes on social media about her underwater explorations and environmental conservation activities. Colin, on the other hand, has been dating Silvia Latini for about a year. She is a former marketing manager from Terni, Italy, who decided to leave her corporate job and seek a career as a boat stewardess instead.

Are Colin and Martina Still Together
Colin Martina

Silvia met Colin in Linton Bay Marina near Panama in 2021, three months into the employment, and began assisting him with his YouTube videos. They gradually began dating and traveling across the world, recording their exploits in social media posts and videos on Colin’s YouTube channel. On the professional front, he’ll be seen in season 3 of ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht.’ Martina Alvarez and Colin MacRae are currently thriving in their own lives, despite the fact that they are no longer a couple.

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