Aquaman 2: Release Date, Trailer & Everything You Need To Know

We’ll go down the new Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom trailer that DC just released, which contains significantly more material. The Aqua Baby is undoubtedly the main focus of this trailer. I’ll also describe Arthur Curry Juniors, who is playing Aqua Baby in a real way. Additionally, Aquaman and Orm’s relationship in Aquaman 2 is more akin to a bromance.

Following Arthur Curry as he balances being a father to his kid and defending the Seven Kingdoms is Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom. In order to kill Aquaman’s family and seize control of the Seven Kingdom, Black Manta returns with new abilities and the Black Trident.

Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom Release Date

On December 20, 2023, Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom will be made available. It was first scheduled to be released in December of last year, but it was later moved to March 2023 and then, eventually, to December 2023. Due to the reboot of the DC movie universe as a whole, this movie required three significant reshoots.


I am aware that there are many uncertainties around how this will fit within the greater DC Universe. Technically, James Gunn is rebooting everything into the DCU in this DCEU film.

In this Aquaman 2 film, there were numerous scenes from the Batman Post-Credits. Both the Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck versions of the Batman Post-Credits scene were filmed. Both of them were produced under various guises with the intention of connecting them to various movies they had in mind at the time.

The film’s director, James Wan, refused to reveal which Batman appeared in the narrative or even if there was a Batman at all. He clarified that aside than the original Aquaman film, no other preexisting films are intended to be connected to this one.


Therefore, I believe he was merely stating that the Aquaman in question wasn’t intended to be the same Aquaman from the Flash Post-Credits sequence. Meaning that nothing from The Flash movie will be discussed during Aquaman 2, which I believe will mostly be to its benefit as it will be rather self-contained.

But I also believe it means there won’t likely be a post-credits sequence for Batman any more. Perhaps they’ll just be a comical post-credits scene that makes a reference to a moment from the beginning of the film.

Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom Plot

The tone of Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom is essentially the same as that of the first film, with a heavy emphasis on the Aquaman comedy. Throughout the entire film, Orm plays the straight man to Jason Momoa’s role as the huge dumb animal. The humor in all of Arthur will be countered by Orm.


They create a unique logo among icebergs right at the beginning of the film because it is how they will reach the Lost Kingdom. The entire premise is that the Lost Kingdom is comparable to Atlantis’ seventh Kingdom.

A flashback of monarch Atlan fighting against what appears to be an undead monarch while brandishing what they’re dubbing the “black trident” that Black Manta is currently holding is shown in the video.

Necrus might be this undead ruler. Pilou Asbaek, who played Euron Greyjoy in Game of Thrones, is truly portraying him. He’ll be just as bad during this, but in a positive way. The fact that Euron Greyjoy serves as the major antagonist in this film feels somehow appropriate. However, the majority of his characters are special effects. So I’m not sure if I’ll be able to see his face through all that gear.


Black Manta And The Green Flames

The Black Trident’s evil magic is engulfing the rest of Atlantis, their mother Alana says in the teaser, and it will soon destroy the entire world.

I believe the concept is that all of this green flame, which is illuminating all of these zombie individuals, is simply reviving the dead. The amusing irony is that, in the Star Wars universe, they’re really sort of doing something comparable on the Ahsoka series with all the Knights’ sister zombie powers.

Similar green flame energy is employed by the Knight Sisters, who refer to it as magic. Given that they’ve been working on Aquaman 2 for a few years, Dave Filoni certainly didn’t have things planned that way.


But it merely appears as though Black Manta acquires a number of power enhancements. Aquaman claims in the trailer that Black Manta is significantly more powerful than he was previously. It appears that he is working with the undead King Necrus of the Lost Kingdom, who offers him the black Trident, allowing him to combat Aquaman with Atlan’s Trident in addition to having a ton of enhanced equipment and conventional human-based technology.

Rip Aquababy

The other significant element in the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom teaser is Black Manta’s repeated threats to assassinate Aquaman’s whole family and destroy everything he has. He’ll set fire to Aquaman’s dad’s home. I’m not sure if he murders his father.

But in the comics, Arthur Curry Junior, better known as Aqua Baby, is ultimately murdered by Black Manta. I’m not sure if they’re going to roll this movie that hard. Although it’s obviously a major deal in the comics, I don’t anticipate them killing Auqa Baby in this film. It was one of the factors that led to his breakup with Mera, much as it did in the comic books when their marriage was destroyed. But in the end, Black Manta smothers his child in the comics.


Aqua Baby eventually acquires some of his abilities, some of Mira’s abilities, and other abilities.

Additionally, Aqua Baby momentarily acquires the ability to generate life, including the ability to produce marine life and change its molecular composition. He is therefore quite strong, yet he is unable to breathe on dry land. Several Highborn Atlanteans also have this trait. You see him on dry land in the home of Aquaman’s father, so they are presumably changing part of it for the movie.

What Happened After Aquaman Became The King?

They crack a few jokes on what has transpired during his reign as king of Atlantis. Just looking at the timeline, I believe it has only been around a year since the events in the first movie.


Then a brief montage shows him averting many catastrophes in and around Atlantis, including the mayhem caused by the half a billion people he mentions.

The film appears to spend more time demonstrating what is occurring in and around Atlantis with all these various characters. With Namor and Talokan, the MCU’s counterpart of Atlantis, they sort of delved into this during the Black Panther 2 film. That was their strategy for getting out of their peculiar copyright dispute with DC. The name Atlantis cannot be protected by copyright.

However, they claimed that they didn’t want people to quickly think of Aquaman when coming up with the name for the MCU character named War. They therefore made an effort to differentiate him from Aquaman as much as they could because he did resemble the superhero.


Aquaman’s Parents Will Die In Aquaman 2

The Black Trident and all of Black Manta’s advanced technology are used in a major attack sequence to attack Atlantis. You notice a lot of green energy surrounding it, and it appears to be coming from the Lost City.

Nicole Kidman appears to be getting a lot more action sequences in this; she will take part in this significant conflict. I guess they end up putting her to death. It just seems like they’re trying to get even with Black Manta for killing some of Aquaman’s relatives. And they’re not likely to be as brutal as killing his son or Mera. Therefore, I suppose that someone will have to give their life—probably either his mother or father.

Many individuals are curious about recycled photographs. They did reuse some of the original movie’s material for the trailer, so yes, they are from the first film. But I believe that he is only discussing the events of the previous movie because of the flashback. Like “I was employed for years ago,” and the first movie’s trailer depicts some of its plot points.


Then it occurs to me that the dance that Aquaman and his father are performing is actually a classic Maori dance. Something that the actor who played Arthur’s Father was engaged in during filming Boba Fett scenes for the Star Wars: Mandalorian Season 2 episodes.

Bromance Between Aquaman And Orm

because Arthur is unable to defeat them all by himself. When he arrives to free his brother Orm, it appears that his jail is located where the desert kingdom of the deserters from the previous film was in the Sahara Desert.

The strange thing about this is that, despite the fact that he is the king of Atlantis, it actually appears like he must free him from jail. He is the ruler of this previous country, which, in light of the presence of these zombie guards, appears to be now a place of the dead. To escape inside the prison and free his brother, he must put on his stealth suit.


There are a few jokes about Orm becoming more powerful after touching water. The main point is that they are stronger in water than they are on land. Because of this, his prison was situated in the driest area of the desert, on dry soil.

When they’re in the water, Orm and the other Highborn Atlanteans are incredibly powerful, some more so than others, but when they’re out of it, they’re just slightly more powerful than average people. When he’s not in the sea, Aquaman is still an extremely powerful superhero, just like you’ve seen him battle in the Justice League movies. However, their power levels increase by a factor of 10 when they are submerged in water.

Aquaman-MCU Parallels

You also recall with amusement that Namor’s abilities in the Marvel Universe were exactly the same. Several jokes make fun of Aquaman for treating Orm like a brother, not wanting to interact with him, and only caring about saving Atlantis. Both of them desire to save Atlantis, although initially, Orm still has some animosity toward Aquaman.


The point, in my opinion, is that they will reconcile someday, and Orm will come to like him. By the movie’s finale, they’ll be buddies. The two of them are having a bit of a Thor-Loki thing going on.

The current early belief is that Aquaman seeks to renounce the throne at the conclusion of the film, or at the very least hands it to Orm so he may rule. The whole point is that Orm is considerably more adept at managing people than a man would be and understands what it takes to be a king.

You have to believe that Aquaman is simply much more effective than the rest of the Justice League at taking on interdimensional bad guys like Darkseid and other huge, extremely powerful cosmic baddies. He’s not particularly good at leading huge groups of people, though.


The Lost Kingdom And Black Manta Leading It

This place is all about the Godzilla Hollow Earth phenomenon. This is supposed to be the Lost Kingdom’s interior. I believe that this is situated inside of an iceberg. Either Antarctica or an Arctic region is where it is.

The Lost Kingdom is located by Black Manta. Black Manta killing Aquaman and his entire family is what Orm refers to when he claims he intends to terminate the lineage. That’s basically just a comic book allusion to him killing his son.

Black Manta is given the motivational speech “If you lead the Seven Kingdoms then will follow” by Orm. It’s possible that Aquaman may remain King of Atlantis at the end of the film, but it does appear that the two will have become close friends.


The trailer is filled with a lot of activity. However, if you find any Easter eggs or references that I didn’t cover in the essay, please let me know. Additionally, there will be a ton of inquiries on Jason Momoa’s role in upcoming DC films. Because he declared that he would always be Aquaman while simultaneously promising a return and a potential role as Lobo.

As with Josh Brolin’s Thanos and Cable roles, I believe he could play both roles. Kevin Feige said, “Oh yes, he could come back in the Marvel movies as Cable after playing Thanos merely because his characters seem so different.


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