Anantnag encounter: ISJK chief killed with other 3 militants

Army personnel celebrates as they done their daily job

They give their intro with hard-work , bravery and intelligence. They are the best countrymen to commemorate with gallantry awards. These will remain live in the heart of our country people. They are soldiers of Indian Army and our only safeguard before a Indian farmer. It best fits with the slogan Jai Jawan.. Jai Kisaan given by Lal Bahadur Shastri. Constantly we heard about these rescue missions from not only Jammu and Kashmir valley but also from other dangerous areas of India. Here is the another encounter case from Srigufwara area of Anantnag.

Anantnag: Details of the Incident

The Indian soldiers captured the area as they confirm with the news of militants approaching. One by one terrorists were gunned down. One of them was the chief of Islamic States operating in Kashmir. This incident aroused the subject that ISIS is controlling the valley which is a major concern. Dr Shesh Paul Vaid, DGP J&K, said in a statement that the 4 Militants were connected to ISJK (Islamic State Jammu and Kashmir). Previously, eight of ISJK militants were gunned down in the valley on March 12. “ISIS does not have infrastructure or ranks here. But there is online inspiration. They are inspired by ISIS ideology,” Dr Shesh Paul Vaid said.

Meanwhile, 4 militants 1 Civilian and 1 Government Forces Personnel were killed while three houses were completely damaged during the Gunfight. One Jammu and Kashmir policeman Ashiq Hussain in Anantnag encounter is martyred. Tribute to the braveheart who made supreme sacrifice for the safety of local people. Another constable named Tanveer Ahmed who was martyred yesterday when terrorists attacked a J&K police vehicle in Galandar area. He was only 24 years. Terrorists threw grenade on the military vehicle which injures 9 security personnel in Pulwama district. However, some pseudo Kashmiris shown their respect for ISJK terrorists. People in the formation of thousands participate in the funeral of a rebel in Talangam area. This is not tough to understand that, how they are shaming humanity on the name of jihad.


Result to this incident, security personnel are now patrolling the Kashmir valley with more care. Also, an investigation regarding the infrastructure of ISJK is being administered.

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