A Business Proposal Episode 1: Release Date, Plot & Where To Watch?

A Business Proposal Episode 1 is a topic of discussion ever since the show’s trailer was out a few days back. This latest K-drama has entered the list of the most anticipated releases of the year 2022 and is one of the most expected dramas of the month. These days, a lot of K-dramas are being made as an adaptation of popular webtoons and so is the case with this one. Yes, you got that right, A Business Proposal is an adaptation of a famous webtoon that was much loved by the readers. Hence, it has also contributed a lot to the show’s growing viewership even before the show is out. The webtoon was created by HaeHwa.

The K-drama A Business Proposal falls under the genre of romance and comedy and is surrounded by the office atmosphere making it the second office romance of the year 2022, after the release of JTBC’s Forecasting Love And Weather. Just like other office romance dramas, fans are excited to watch a brand new couple and their lives as they fall in love in completely new circumstances. Kakao Entertainment is creating the show in collaboration with Plan Production. The show’s alternate title is “The Office Blind Date“, the title of the original webtoon.

Moreover, Han Sul-hee and Hong Bo-hee have written the drama and have tried to do justice with the original story as depicted in the webtoon. As a result, A Business Proposal is going to be an interesting watch because of its interesting storyline and because of the fact that another romantic drama has entered into the race of office romances to entertain viewers across the world. Hence, A Business Proposal Episode 1 is hopefully set to break viewership records.

A Business Proposal
A still from “A Business Proposal”

A Business Proposal Storyline

A Business Proposal’s storyline is expected to be a blend of sweetness and excitement at every step and the fans are eagerly looking forward to the K-drama’s premiere in the upcoming time. The story revolves around a rich conglomerate Kang Tae-mu and a sweet and decent working woman Shin Ha-ri. The former is said to never fail in any of his projects and business proposals and is excited to be a part of a new one as his grandfather has discussed. Little did he know that this proposal will be entirely different from the previous ones.

He is asked to find a perfect match for him, that is, to get married. As a result, Kang Tae-mu is set to go on a blind date with an heiress of some other company. Well, at least he thinks so. On the other hand, the main lead Shin Ha-ri is supposed to replace her friend on the latter’s blind date as they both are quite confident of getting rejected. However, fate has some other plans for both of them. It turns out that Kang Tae-mu will end up going on a blind date with Shin Ha-ri who will be replacing her friend.


Interestingly, Tae-mu is the CEO of the company where Ha-ri works, making it an awkward situation for both of them and especially for Ha-ri as will be avoiding her boss for the rest of the days. However, show is expected to take a twist when Tae-mu will propose Ha-ri for marriage which seems pretty obvious as the main leads will be in each other’s company after the blind date event. It will be an interesting watch to see how the drama unfolds and how the cold and arrogant CEO falls in love with his sweet and simple employee.

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The Cast Of ‘A Business Proposal’

The cast of “A Business Proposal” is an important discussion as it will be a treat for the viewers who are eager to watch Ahn Hyo-seop in a completely new avatar of a tough CEO. He will play the role of Kang Tae-mu alongside Kim Se-jeong, a popular actress, singer, and songwriter. The latter will play the character of Shin Ha-ri, a decent and quirky employee at GO Food’s Food Development Team. Moreover, Kim Min-kyu is roped for another main character Cha Sung-hoon, who is our CEO’s secretary and a brother-figure to the former.

A business Proposal Korean Drama
Kim Se-jeong as Shin Ha-ri

He is expected to be a partner character of Jin Young-seo, Ha-ri’s friend, played by the famous actress Seol In-ah. Other members of the cast include Lee Deok-hwa as Tae-mu’s grandfather President Kang Da-goo. Likewise, Choi Byung-chan will be a part of the show as Shin Ha-min, Ha-ri’s little brother. Jung Young-joo as Han Mi-mo and Bae Woo-hee as Koh Yu-ra are also important mentions under the casts of A Business Proposal.

A Business Proposal Episode 1: Release Date, Air Date & How To Watch?

A Business Proposal Episode 1 will release on Monday, 28th February 2022 at 22:00 KST. The series will air every week on Monday and Tuesday on SBS TV, which is the show’s original distributor. However, international fans will be able to stream the show on Netflix. Initially, A Business Proposal was scheduled to release on 21st February 2022, however, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the release was delayed for a week.

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